I’ll admit, Wizards of the Coast isn’t always the most creative when it comes to naming sets. Names like Scars of Mirrodin and Return to Ravnica aren’t as awesome as Innistrad or Zendikar, but they get to the point. In those examples, we know we are going back to Mirrodin and Ravnica, respectively. That is mostly acceptable. But today, they said “fuck it, we don’t need a cool or creative name, let’s just call the next set Gatecrash.” Apparently they thought it was a good enough idea.


What’s in a name?

Maybe I’m being a little picky, but I like my sets to have decent names. “Dark Ascension” sounds cool. “Planar Chaos” sounds like shit is about to go down. “Gatecrash” sounds like a drunk car accident. Innistrad block is seen as one of the pinnacles of the game. There are great mechanics, great stories, great characters, and great set names. The Ravnica block should have been just as easy on the set names. Maybe naming stuff is hard than it seems, or is could be laziness. They did make a card called Switcheroo (another low point in card naming). Yet, how hard could it be? Here is a brief list of names that would have been better than Gatecrash:

Broken Guilds (we don’t know the events of Return to Ravnica but this assumes the guilds are breaking up again).

Guild Wars (just like the game!)

Coalition (guilds unite?)

Desertion (trouble in the plane)

Deception (shady dealings in the guild)

Burning Devotion (guild pride)

Skittles (multi colored set!)

Followers of ____ (If there is another Avacyn like character in this set)

PlanerGate (if they must have the word Gate in it, also political scandals!)

Brink of Disaster (another world conflict issue)

Ravnica 2.0 (still better than Gatecrash)

Any of these would be fine. Instead they decided on something awful. Is the prerelease even going to have something similar to the Helvault? Get enough achievements and crash the gate to Ravinca treasure! Only time will tell, but in the meantime we are stuck with a bad name. I just hope the 3 set in the block isn’t called “Fixed Gate”


In other news, Wizards also spoiled the below image which means we will see a return of Gideon in new planeswalker form for this set.