Today Wizards gave us the decklist of the Magic 2014 Event deck titled Rush of the Wild. Advertised as “Now with 10 Rares”, this deck is a Gruul deck with GR as it’s colors. Although Chandra is on the box, don’t let that confuse you; she is not in this event deck. As usual, we are going to take a look at the financial value of this event deck and see if it is worth the $25 MSRP. Please note, prices are based on Star City pricing as of today.



Starting with the Uncommons, this deck has a pretty good amount of value cards. Two copies of Burning-Tree Emissary along with 4 Ghor-Clan Rampager put us at $12 in value. The only other card of note is Skullcrack, which still sits at $1, putting our Uncommon value at $15. Moving on to the rares, we get the superstar of the deck, Stomping Ground. This is the second shock land to appear in an event deck (after Godless Shrine) and it’s currently one of the most sought after lands. Valued at $15, this card should stay at that value for a while. The other rares are nothing too exciting with Savage Summoning and Mizzium Mortars adding another $9 total in value. Mizzium Mortars has made appearances in intro packs and event decks, and still has retained value. Savage Summoning, on the other hand, is less likely to find a home in Standard at the moment and may drop soon.


Focusing on the value of just the highlights listed above, we are looking at $39 in trade value. Taking that price in half, we are only at $19.50 in real value, putting this deck on the lower end of recent event deck values. But, the appeal of Stomping Ground may be enough to just pick up a copy if you are looking for a good preconstructed deck, as the cards seem like a great foundation for a GR aggro deck. If you find the event decks for $20, it’s a worthwhile buy. At MSRP, it would not be the best financial purchase.