The From the Vault sets of Magic are an interesting anomaly. Starting with From the Vault: Dragons, the set of 15 premium foil cards was designed for the collector in mind. Quickly snatched up, this release featured classic dragon cards that are famous throughout Magic. The biggest sell of this was that some of the cards were printed in the new style, black bordered, and foil for the first time ever.



While I wasn’t around for the time the set was released, I heard how it jumped in price for a box set. With an MSRP of $35, there was definitely more in value with the cards alone. This drove up the value of the box to around $100 with retailers. I’m not sure if Wizards was planning other From The Vault series before the release of the Dragon set, but after it’s success, they knew they had something. This has led to a release of 3 more From the Vault sets.




The formula seemed simple enough; find great cards that have been popular over the years, put a new shiny coating on them and release them from the “vault” (possibly ripped from Disney, who releases a rotation of their classic films once every ten years.) For the most part this formula worked out well with releases like From the Vault: Exiled and Mythic; those sets selling for around the $100 range in retail locations.


Eventually this hit a misstep (depending on who you are talking to). With previous knowledge of how popular the previous From the Vault sets were, I was happy to hear that my local store would let me pre-order From the Vault: Legends for it’s MSRP of $35. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to invest in some money cards for selling and trade fodder.  Then the set list was released, and after many discussions, it seems like Wizards had a miss with this product. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still bought the set and don’t regret it, and the individual value of the cards still hit above the $35 price. But it was disappointing in other ways.  While Exiled had cards like Berserk and Sensei’s Diving Top, and Mythic had Sol Ring and Mox Diamond, Legends has no card that anyone was too exciting to see (again, depending on who you spoke to). So this cuts out both the financial people and the actual players. The set was even dubbed From the Vault: Commander for the causal players.

So this brings us to Wizards recent announcement for From the Vault: Realms. This set will supposedly include 15 lands that were popular throughout the history of Magic. I won’t get into speculation of what cards will be revealed at this moment. We do know that lands always have value; so this should turn out to be a good investment. As long as Wizards doesn’t make the same mistake that they did with From the Vault: Legends, this will be highly profitable for anyone who can get a box at MSRP.

I am sure there are plenty ways to do that but I think the easiest way is to see if you’re local shop will let you pre-order the set for the MSRP price. Now this would be harder with bigger game stores, but if you have a small local shop that you frequent, and you know the employees pretty well, you shouldn’t have a problem getting the set for a good price.