We are about a month in from playing with the new cards from Dargons of Tarkir (if you count the prerelease), and with a Pro Tour and a few Grand Prix events that have passed, it’s now a good time to see what cards are performing financially from the new set. Note, all prices are quoted from TCG Mid.

The Dragons:

Dragonlord Atarka

Dragonlord Atarka proved to be a great addition to GR decks with the ability to clear most of the board as well as coming in with 8 damage if not dealt with. It is currently sitting at $19 and looks to stay in that range for a while. The foil, which was up to a staggering $75 last week, has come down to $45 for the moment, which is interesting as the dragonlords were also available as prerelease foils.


Dragonlord Silumgar

Currently sitting at $14 (with the foil at $22), Dragonlord Silumgar benefited from the Pro Tour as controls decks like Esper and UB performed well. It wasn’t uncommon to see him paired with his Fate Reforged version along with Dragonlord Ojutai. Staying at $14 may be a challenge if UB doesn’t see a long term need for him in standard.


Dragonlord Ojutai

Ojutai has been on a hot streak, climbing in value since it was released. A 5 mana dragon with Hexproof while untapped was prefect for control strategies. The Anticipate ability when it connects allows the deck to smooth out it’s card draw and find ways to protect Ojutai when needed. At $20 (and only $28 foil), I think this value will hold for a bit unless white is dropped completely from the control lists.


Thunderbreak Regent

Thunderbreak Regent has lived up to the hype and has been prominent in standard so far. At around $10 in regular printing and $15 in foil, the regent is limited by its inclusion in the Dragons of Tarkir event deck and being the game day promo, so don’t expect the card to rise too much more in value.


Icefall Regent

Typically paired with Thunderbreak Regent, Icefall Regent has enjoyed a smaller rise in value. Still cheap at $4.50, this card fits into the control decks that need a few more ways to deal with creatures. The comparisons to Frost Titan are abundant so the $5 range may be the highest this card will ever reach.


Haven of the Spirit Dragon

While not technically a dragon, it is a dragon in spirit and a popular card among the dragon decks. Besides mana fixing for your dragons, the Haven really shines as a way to bring back the dead ones, giving the decks that need it, the late game options to win. Just above $4 for the normal and $10 for the foil, the Haven has been on a slow rise.



Both planeswalkers have dropped in value since release and currently don’t have any hope of going up anytime soon. Narset Transcendent still sits at a crazy $31 value and hasn’t seen any real play, while the foil is at $70. Either people are hoping she has value in the future, or the EDH crowd is strong with keeping market prices (definitely the former). Sarkhan Unbroken, on the other hand, has dropped to a more reasonable price of $15 ($42 for the foil) and has been bouncing around some Temur lists. Like Xenagos, he has good two for one potential, although the 3 colors does hurt it a bit.Narset should continue the decline while Sarkhan may be close to is lowest point.


Deathmist Raptor

Rising up towards $18, but only $28 for the foil, Deathmist Raptor is the breakout non dragon creature of the set. Cheap to cast, easy to recur, and having deathtouch all help this card shine. It still has room to grow and could see a big leap once rotation occurs. I would keep an eye on this card and see how its performance holds over the next few months.


The Commands

The top command, Dromoka’s Command, has been called the best one since spoiled and had no trouble steadily rising in value since release. At $9, it seems to keep trending up as it is currently the best command of the set. Not to be outdone completely though is Atarka’s Command, which had a showing at the Pro Tour and was in the top deck of the event. Part of the Red creature strategies, that command has jumped up to $8 and should hover around there for a bit. The other commands, especially Ojutai’s Command, which saw much hype early on, have not made a big mark in Standard and can all be found for less than $3 each.


Everything else is settling down in the set and will more than likely have minor decreases over time unless a card breaks out and becomes a hit. Other cards to keep an eye out for are popular foil versions including Silumgar’s Scorn ($9),  Anticipate ($12), Myth Realized ($12), Collected Company ($13), and Rending Volley ($6). It will be interesting to see how Magic: Origins changes everything down the line.