Welcome to a new series with Roxie Cards called the Top 5. Yes, everywhere has their own “Top X” list of cards or sets, but it doesn’t make them any less enjoyable. For this series, we were looking for something different than the usual lists and we decided to give it a price theme. This would allow us to show certain cards of each type that you may have not realized were so expensive. In order to give this more variety, we have cut the Power 9 from the lists (the top 5 artifact section would be quite predictable otherwise), along with Alpha, Beta, and Unlimited.

Please note: Prices are based on Star City Pricing at the time of the post. That means these cards can be found for cheaper and may fluctuate down the line.

Also note that just because the cards are the most expensive, it does not mean they are necessarily the best cards in that category.

So let’s start with the card type most decks can’t live without, Lands. Here are the top 5 most expensive lands in Magic. Yes we also cheated here by taking the original dual lands out of the equation for variety.


#5. Diamond Valley – $120

Diamond Valley starts our list at a price of $120. This Arabian Nights Uncommon has a pretty basic ability yet commands a high value for what it does. Coming from Arabian Nights, it falls into the collectors range, as a quick search did not pull up any constructed use outside of EDH decks. High Market has a similar effect and can tap for mana, therefore I presume the collectors market is what is keeping this card valuable.


#4. Library of Alexandria – $250

Library of Alexandria, another Arabian Nights uncommon, comes in at twice the price of Diamond Valley. The Library provides more uses by allowing card draw or tapping to add mana. Being banned in Legacy means this card get used in Vintage and the occasional EDH deck (Update: The card is officially banned in EDH).


#3. Bazaar of Baghdad – $300

Continuing the trend of really valuable Arabian Nights uncommon lands, we get Bazaar of Baghdad. Discarding and graveyard filling is a cornerstone of various Eternal format decks. Like Library of Alexandria is it banned in Legacy and makes appearances in Vintage and EDH decks.


#2. The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale – $350

The The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale comes in at $350 and is our first rare in the Top 5. Legends had a good amount of powerful cards (including Karakas, which almost made the list), and the Tabernacle is one of them. While it does not tap for mana itself, it puts a high price creature decks and often serves as a board sweeper. It can be seen in Legacy decks such as 12 Post or Lands. This playability helps keep the price of the card high.


#1. Mishra’s Workshop – $400

Mishra’s Workshop is our number 1 most expensive land in Magic and it should be no surprise to some. An Antiquities rare, the Workshop is quite powerful providing three mana. While the restriction is on artifacts only, that is not really a problem as it may be the most powerful card on the list. Banned in Legacy, this card sees much use Vintage in  the Stax or (appropriately named) Workshop deck. The card has a history of bouncing in price so it’s possible that it can fall in ranking, but right now this is #1.