Welcome to the next segment in the Top 5 Series. This week we are going to take a look at the top 5 most expensive enchantments in Magic. Remember, prices are quoted from Star City and Alpha, Beta, and Unlimited have been excluded from the lists.


#5. Various cards (Drop of Honey, Jihad, etc) – $40

The 5th slot in our list is a varied mix of cards. While the price difference between #4 and #5 on our list is large, once we get down to the $40 range we get a variety of good enchantments. Drop of Honey and Jihad are two examples of $40 enchantments that make the list. Both cards are from Arabian Nights and, while they don’t see play in tournament environments, are collectible.


#4. Chains of Mephistopheles – $100

Chains of Mephistopheles is our #4 enchantment. This Legends rare has risen in value recently due to it’s presence in certain Legacy Jund decks as a way to fight card draw. The card has been steadily rising over the past few years and if Jund continues to do well in Legacy, it should keep with this trend.


#3. Nether Void – $150

Nether Void is our number 3 card at $150. Another black enchantment from Legends, this card has seen some uses in Legacy Pox decks as ways to shut out the opponent. Black cards that counter spells are a rare thing in the past and nonexistent these days so don’t expect to see an effect like this repeated in the future.

#2. The Abyss – $175

The Abyss continues our trend of rare black enchantments from Legends. At $175 this card clears the field of no artifact creatures each turn. Another component of the Legacy Pox deck, this card also sees use in various EDH decks.

#1. Moat – $350

Our number most expensive enchantment in Magic is Moat. This Legends rare sees use as a one of in various Legacy decks such as Miracles. The card also has a home in EDH decks and with collectors. The ability has been repeated, most notable with Teferi’s Moat, but nothing has been as powerful as the original. This also marks the 4th card on our list from the Legends set, which seems to be the most valuable set of the old expansions.


Check in next week as our Top 5 List series continues. Thanks.