Creatures are the most traditional card type and the most common way to deal damage in Magic. They vary from large to small, and have all kinds of wonderful (or sometimes horrible) abilities.  Today’s Top 5 segment will take a look at the Top 5 Most expensive creatures in Magic.

As always, pricing is quoted from Star City and is current as of this post. Also, no Alpha, Beta, Unlimited cards.
Update: We also aren’t including any Promos and Special sets (Portal, Three Kingdoms, etc).


5. Ali from Cairo, Guardian Beast,and others. – $50

 As with the top enchantments, the creature section tend to get a bit full. Rounding out the $50 price range are plenty of old cards from Arabian Nights and Legends. Ali from Cairo and Guardian Beast are just two of these cards. Other ones of note are Hazezon Tamar and Adun Oakenshield. These cards are mostly popular among collectors. The Legendary creatures are also popular with Commander players which seems to be the jump in price over the past several months.

Special Note: Vendilion Clique has seen a rise in value recently and is currently up to $45. This card is on track to become the number 5 spot.


4. Dark Confidant – $60

Dark Confidant takes our third spot and with good reason. Popular in both Legacy and Modern, the card provides great value at a low cost. There really isn’t too much to say about this card that hasn’t already. Check out any Modern or Legacy deck in action that includes Dark Confidant to see why it’s so popular.


3. Angus Mackenzie – $80

Angus Mackenzie is an interested card and a surprise to see on the list.  Until recently, it was in the $50 range with the rest of the Legends creatures. A surge in price in the past few months has caused this card to jump higher than the others up to $80. I presume it has growing popularity in Commander, hence the price increase. Maybe people like the art?


2. Tarmogoyf – $130

Tarmogoyf takes the number two spot on our list and may come as a surprise that it is not number one. This card has been the talk of the Magic scene for the past several years and it doesn’t look like it will lose popularity. Fitting perfectly in both Tier 1 Legacy and Modern decks, Tarmogoyf has risen to the triple digit value and doesn’t look like it will be stopping. While the release of Modern Masters in the summer may put a hit on the price, in the long run this card looks to take the top spot.
1. Juzam Djinn – $150

Juzam Djinn is the number one most expensive creature in Magic. The card does not see play in any Legacy or Vintage decks and is mainly a card for collectors. Juzam is the first hyped creature in Magic. A 5/5 that costs 4 with a minor downside made is a card that everyone needed. It was much better than Lord of the Pit or Force of Nature in the early days. Nowadays, this card is behind the powerful creatures of recent sets and most newer players would wonder why this card is worth so much. Collectors know though, and this being a landmark card in the game keeps it’s price high.


So there we go, our most expensive creatures in Magic. The creature list is the most volatile of the the current lists we have went through so far. Depending on Modern Masters performance and the growth of the Modern format, Tarmogoyf and Dark Confidant can take different routes. Until then, the most iconic classic creature in Magic is still #1.