Welcome back to another segment of Retro Magic, AKA old Magic magazines found in my attic. This time we are going to take a look at a few things from a Duelist issue. For those who don’t know, Duelist was a magazine produced by Wizards of the Coast that focused on Magic: The Gathering, along with other card games eventually. Running from 1994 to 1999, it was a magazine that was known for having great articles on Magic artists and development. It also had promotional cards and was one of the more expensive Magic magazines at the time. The content was great though and now we can get that great content for free on the Daily Magic blog.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the cover of this issue but I did get some interesting shots of how the environment was at the time.

The Restricted List

The restricted list provides some insight on the game at the time. There was only one tournament format and the list is provided to keep players up to date on what card they can only have one of in their deck. These were the spells considered too powerful at the time and now almost half of these cards are no longer restricted. It is interesting to see cards like Ivory Tower and Ali from Cairo restricted, while other cards like the Power 9 and Mishra’s Workshop make sense on the list. We also see the banned list which includes cards that mention ante along with Shahrazad and Time Vault. Apparently Time Vault was so powerful that it had to be completely banned from the tournament scene.


Hundreds of years after the Brothers War…

Here we have a fold out map of the continent Terisaire after the Brothers’ War. The Brothers’ War was a story that took place during the Antiquities expansion and is one of Magic’s oldest stories. It is said that Wizards now does not include maps of their planes to give freedom of location in their current storytelling, but this was a different time. This map was to help visualize the world during the Ice Age expansion and sets up some of the locations of the characters. It’s a shame that they don’t do things like this anymore because it would be great to have a map of Innistrad and its famous locations.

Tournament Time

This is an image from the newly announce professional tournament series for Magic. This is a pretty intriguing picture because it separates the tournament by age group. The Seniors’ group is for people over 18 and awards cash prizes, while the Juniors’ series awards scholarships, which is not as exciting. The wording for both seems like if you are 18 years old, you have the chance to compete in either tournament. Currently, major events allow people of all ages to compete, breaking the age barriers of the old ways. You will also notice that while the prize payout is nice, entry to this event is a hefty $50. Preregistration is also mandatory for the event.


So there we go, a look at Magic in 1995. Only 2 years old, the game looked like it was off to a good start, providing tournament standards with the restricted list and tournaments. It also kept the fantasy and story element going with a look into Ice Age. While it would take the release of Weatherlight before Wizards truly created a storyline for the series, this was a good start. Hope you enjoyed this edition of Retro Magic.