This week, the Planeswalker Profile series continues with Garruk Wildspeaker.

               Garruk Wildspeaker. A gruff, hardened warrior druid excelling in the taming of wild beasts, and a powerful dislike of the civilized world. He has abandoned the civilized world, and interactions with others, striving to live a natural life. He aspires to be the alpha predator of his own domain; hunting and tracking down his prey. Should he encounter a particularly spectacular beast, and best it in combat, he tends to bond with it, adding it to his impressive array of summons.

Garruk was raised simply, living with his father, a farmer. On his tenth birthday, Garruk’s father, a talented druid, began to teach Garruk the intricacies of druidic magic. Unfortunately this would not last. A sheriff, working under orders from a local warlord, had come to conscript Garruk into the army. His father held them off and told Garruk to hide himself in the woods until it was safe to return.

Using a pair of amulets, a sender and a receiver, Garruk’s father warned Garruk of the deception of men and told him to trust in nature, which could not lie to him. He was attacking by a baloth family, but calling upon the magic his father taught him, tamed the beast. He spent his childhood in the woods, raising himself alongside the monsters of the wood. Years later, as a man, he felt himself ready for his revenge. He came back into town to destroy the sheriff that had slain his father. Upon arrival, the sheriff met Garruk and told him that his father was still alive. The sheriff took Garruk to his father’s cell, and sealed him inside with the corpse of his father. Garruk expected such deception and had a burrowing wurm destroy the prison and free him. Taking the sheriff’s helmet and his father’s amulet as prizes, he returned to the wild, ever mindful of his father’s tutelage.

               Some time later, after an ascension of unknown qualities, Garruk found himself on the plane of Shandalar tracking a tremendous monster known as the Ursoth. He found and eventually defeated the creature, adding it to his collection of summons. Unfortunately, one of his tracking aids became separated from him, and when Garruk found him, he had been slain. He tracked the killer down to a nearby Onakke troll temple. He found the killer, the deathwitch Liliana Vess Apr 25, 2012 – , deep within the temple. She was there to lay claim to a powerful artifact, the Chain Veil, and using its magic, overpowered Garruk and left him stricken with a curse that blighted his mind and magic.

Finding the curse beyond his capability to cure, he decided to return to most despised place in all the multiverse, the city plane Ravnica. There he tracked down Jace Beleren, himself a curious and traveled mage, and threatened him unless he told Garruk what he needed to know. Fearing the monster he was becoming, he apologized. Jace offered him the aide of a healer he knew, but Garruk’s condition was not an illness of the flesh. Jace acquiesced and told Garruk of where he last knew Liliana to be. As thanks, Garruk took notice of the map Jace had been studying, and informed him it was of the plane of Zendikar.

He trailed the path Jace lay before him, and eventually wound up on the plane of Innistrad . He found Liliana and attacked but was overtaken; first by her ghouls, and then by his own condition. His mind was unraveling, he wandered the woods for weeks, little more than a wild animal. Little did he know that in that time, the archangel Avacyn had been freed and was at the zenith of her power. She cast a powerful spell called the cursemute across the plane, which fused the conflicting souls of many of Innistrad’s werewolves into the noble Wolfir warriors, but the spell affected Garruk as well.

               The Cursemute diluted the curse’s effects and allowed him to regain his senses. He found himself at a crossroad. He could either continue to follow Liliana, in the unlikely event that she could reverse the curse, either voluntarily or by death, a path which was thus-far fruitless. Or he could find the source of the Magic that had weakened the curse’s hold over him, and hope that it would offer a more permanent solution.

He chose the latter and began to trace the Magic back to its source, but was unexpectedly captured near the town of Torbach. Odric, a powerful and respected soldier, had been sent to the town to deal with an alleged werewolf, unaffected by the cursemute, that was attacking the town. Garruk had been mistaken for the beast in the dead of night due to his significantly greater than average size (Garruk stands eight foot two). Unsure what to make of the strange man, great in size, clearly touched by dark magics, but possessing a humanity he had never before seen from a werewolf, Odric knocked Garruk unconscious. Garruk would be taken to Thraben, to meet with Avacyn herself who would measure Garruk’s worth. That is the last known information for Garruk.

Cards with Garruk art in them:

Garruk’s Packleader
Triumph of Cruelty
Triumph of Ferocity
Wild Defiance