Commander 2014 is almost here and it has been nothing short of awesome for what these Mono color decks can provide. Each color has a good amount of fun cards that you can add to your current Commander decks and go to town with. While there were a few notable cards missing (Damnation, for example), these decks will be popular and a great pickup for new and current players. Today, I want to take a look at my favorite cards from the new collection.

First, I want to go over my current decks that I am playing, in order of my preference of playing them. I constantly bounce between Derevi, Empyrial Tactician and Hanna, Ship’s Navigator as my most played commanders. This may soon be changed with a new Narset, Enlightened Master deck that I built recently. After that, we have Nekusar, the Mindrazer and Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord. These last two rarely see play but I still enjoy them. This variety means that I want to look at things in every color and card type. Most choices will fit themes (Derevi with creatures, Narset with non creatures) so I will also mention where I want them to go. Lets begin.



Well of Ideas – I really like the amount of card draw you get with this card. One of my issues with Derevi is that I can run out of cards in hand and end up just drawing lands. While there are plenty of other cards that allow me to draw in the format, I am too tempted by the enter the battlefield draw of 2 along with the 2 extra each turn. Getting to six mana is not an issue with Derevi, and paired with Sages of the Anima, I can fill my hand back up quickly. While being an enchantment may seem like a good choice for Hanna, she does not have card draw issues and would be redundant.

Fool’s Demise – Fool’s Demise is a card that could be a good fit for Hanna. The Hanna deck is not a combo deck and mainly wins but going for the very long game of wearing down the opponents. The deck runs multiple wrath effects and Fool’s Demise could pair will with taking great creatures to keep the deck alive. 5 mana may be too much but it is worth testing.



Angelic Field Marshal – The Lieutenant cycle is interesting, with the green one being the best. The white one could find a home in Derevi though. Vigilance for my team means that my Derevi triggers can be used on other things, and at 4 mana, this card is easy to cast. Derevi is full of creatures so cutting a card for this one may be the challenge, as we are full of great creatures with better abilities.

Hallowed Spiritkeeper – Another good creature for Derevi, the Spiritkeeper goes a different direction from the Field Marshal. This card is helps in mid to late game situations where you may have been through a few wrath effects and have a graveyard full of creatures. Derevi does play both Collective Blessing and True Conviction, so those 1/1 spirits can become a threat.

Comeuppance – Comeuppance (besides being an awesome name) has room in pretty much any white deck. The Deflecting Fog (Deflecting Palm + Fog those those who don’t get it) can clear an opponent’s board while dealing with and direct damage that poses a threat. This card is an auto include in Narset and Hanna, and more than likely will go into Derevi. Opponents won’t see it coming at first, but eventually people will learn play around the card. Bluffing them into only attacking with a couple creatures instead of the team out of fear of this card is always nice.

Side note: Containment Priest is a nonbo with Derevi and I hope to never see it against me.



Malicious Affliction – Malicious Affliction is a great removal card (assuming you aren’t facing many black creatures) and will easily find a home both in Jarad and Nekusar. Easy to cast, this card is most often a 2 for 1, especially after combat, and will help protect you (in the case of Nekusar) or clear the board for your attack (with Jarad).

Wake the Dead – An interesting card, Wake the dead is a great trick in any graveyard themed strategy. Jarad will easily find a home for this card, as there are a lot of big things to bring back during combat. Paired with Enter the Battlefield creatures such as Sepulchral Primordial and Eternal Witness, this is another card that will make opponents think hard on their combat strategies.

Raving Dead – I like cards that don’t force you to choose an opponent to go after. Raving Dead puts all the politics away and allows you to claim innocence when it takes away half of someone’s life. While this may not be a great card, it still creates a fun situation where you just sit back and let it do it’s thing. This will find a slot in Jarad.



Dualcaster Mage – Red doesn’t have too much to offer my current decks but there are a couple of notable cards. Dualcaster Mage is the only one i would want to add and it has a home in both Narset and Nekusar. Nekusar is weak to a lot of thing and having the mage it an option to keep me protected. The mage pairs well with Narset (as long as I don’t exile it) and could give me extra turns or anything else of desire. This card is possibly the best new card from the set.

Volcanic Offering – Another card that has potential is Volcanic Offering. With Narset, this can pair as removal for blockers and any troublesome land, while with Nekusar, you can use this to get rid of threats. I’m not sure if I’m convinced just yet on the card’s usefulness but we shall see.



Thunderfoot Baloth – This card will immediately go into Derevi. Being able to give your team Overrun is a great ability. Flashing Derevi in during combat makes this feel like cheating, but should be a quick way to close out the game. This card has potential in Jarad as well, and can easily go into any green deck.

Freyalise, Llanowar’s Fury – Freyalise is the only new planeswalker I think I want to add to my decks. At worse, she is a 5 mana Naturalize, but I like her potential in Derevi and Jarad, creating mana elves while giving the later game option of drawing cards. It will most likely go into Jarad first, and if there is room, Derevi.


Artifacts and Lands

Commander’s Sphere – A mana rock with value, this card will definitely go into Narset. While i’m not big on mana rocks that only give you one mana, the sac ability helps you in a late game situation.

Flamekin Village – This card will go into any Red deck and I plan to use it for Narset. Narset benefits greatly from Haste and this card enables the strategy. There really isn’t much to add besides that.

Unstable Obelisk – Another mana rock for Narset, this one goes a different route from Commander’s Sphere by letting you destroy something. This also pairs well with Hanna, even thought he expensive activation prevents too many quick abuses of the card.


So there are my choices for cards I want to play from the new Commander set. This was a focus on my preferences and not what cards will be the power cards in Legacy (Containment Priest, Dualcaster Mage) or what will be the money cards. Let me know what you are excited about in this new set, or if I forgot something I need to add to my decks.