Happy New Year everyone. 2012 was a great year for Magic, and 2013 is looking even more exciting. A little while ago, Wizards did release their schedule of events for 2013 and we just wanted to do a quick reminder of what to look forward to 2013 and the events I am most excited about. Below is the current schedule for the new year.


Event Dates Format
Grand Prix Denver January 5-6, 2013 Legacy
Grand Prix Atlantic City January 12-13, 2013 Standard
Grand Prix Singapore January 12-13, 2013 Return to Ravnica Limited
Grand Prix Bilbao January 19-20, 2013 Modern
Grand Prix Sydney January 19-20, 2013 Return to Ravnica Limited
Grand Prix London February 9-10, 2013 Gatecrash Limited
Pro Tour Gatecrash in Montreal February 15-17, 2013 Standard / Booster Draft
Grand Prix Quebec City February 23-24, 2013 Standard
Grand Prix Charlotte February 23-24, 2013 Gatecrash Limited
Grand Prix Yokohama March 2-3, 2013 Gatecrash Limited
Grand Prix Verona March 9-10, 2013 Standard
Grand Prix Rio de Janeiro March 9-10, 2013 Standard
Grand Prix San Diego March 16-17, 2013 Modern
Grand Prix Utrecht March 16-17, 2013 Gatecrash Team Limited
Grand Prix Pittsburgh March 23-24, 2013 Gatecrash Limited
Grand Prix Strasbourg April 13-14, 2013 Legacy
Grand Prix Portland May 11-12, 2013 Modern
Grand Prix Beijing May 11-12, 2013 Return to Ravnica Block Limited
Pro Tour Dragon’s Maze in San Diego May 17-19, 2013 Block Constructed / Booster Draft
Grand Prix Guadalajara May 25-26, 2013 Standard
Grand Prix Providence June 8-9, 2013 Return to Ravnica Block Team Limited
Grand Prix Gothenburg June 8-9, 2013 Return to Ravnica Block Limited
Grand Prix Houston June 15-16, 2013 Return to Ravnica Block Limited
Grand Prix Las Vegas June 22-23, 2013 Modern Masters Limited
Grand Prix Bangkok June 22-23, 2013 Return to Ravnica Block Limited
Grand Prix Miami June 29-30, 2013 Standard
Grand Prix Kansas City July 6-7, 2013 Modern
Grand Prix Calgary July 27-28, 2013 Standard
Grand Prix Rimini July 27-28, 2013
Magic 2014
World Championship in Amsterdam July 31-August 4, 2013 Mixed
World Magic Cup in Amsterdam August 2-4, 2013 Mixed
Grand Prix Warsaw August 10-11, 2013 Standard
Grand Prix Kitakyushu August 24-25, 2013 Standard
Grand Prix Oakland August 24-25, 2013
Magic 2014
Grand Prix Prague August 31-September 1, 2013
Magic 2014
Grand Prix Detroit September 14-15, 2013 Modern
Grand Prix Oklahoma City October 5-6, 2013 “Friends” Limited
Grand Prix Brisbane October 5-6, 2013 Modern
Pro Tour “Friends” in Dublin October 11-13, 2013 Modern / Booster Draft
Grand Prix Louisville October 19-20, 2013 Standard
Grand Prix Hong Kong October 19-20, 2013 “Friends” Limited
Grand Prix Antwerp October 26-27, 2013 Modern
Grand Prix Santiago November 2-3, 2013 Standard
Grand Prix Valencia November 9-10, 2013 “Friends” Limited
Grand Prix Washington D.C. November 16-17, 2013 Legacy
Grand Prix Albuquerque November 23-24, 2013 Standard
Grand Prix Kyoto November 23-24, 2013 “Friends” Team Limited
Grand Prix Toronto November 30-December 1, 2013 “Friends” Limited
Grand Prix Vienna November 30-December 1, 2013 Standard

Now this is quite list and these events cover almost every weekend of the year. Combined with the Star City Open Series, there will be plenty of Magic played in 2013.

Above I have highlighted events I plan to, or would like to, attend for this year so far. The first major event is Grand Prix Charlotte. Living in Atlanta means that this will be a quick trip any many friend will be going also. It is also one of my favorite formats with Sealed being the tournament type. This event is also run by Star City and they have been promoting this event nonstop on their site. They are striving to make this a memorable event, and I don’t think they will disappoint. I’ve never been to Charlotte so I am also excited to visit a new city.

The next event is Pro Tour Dragon’s Maze which is in San Diego, another city I have never been to. This event is my least likely trip of the year, but I do plan to play in as many PTQs as my schedule allows me to so I can have a chance to attend this event. Pro Tour’s always look like great events (at least the one’s in beautiful locations like Barcelona and San Diego) and May seems like a perfect time of the year to visit San Diego. Block constructed is also a good break from the typical tournament formats.

Grand Prix Las Vegas is the highlight of the year. I presume this is true with most people as Modern Masters has created quite a buzz and everyone will love to have a chance to play a sealed format with the new set. Las Vegas is quite a distance from Atlanta, but one that will be worth it. I have been to Las Vegas several times, and while Wizards decided to have this event at one of the worst times of the year, it is always a blast. The one benefit of having the event in the middle of the summer is that flights and hotels should be cheaper, making the trip a bit more affordable. I’m also waiting to see where the event will be held because Vegas has a ton of locations and I’m hoping they pick something on or near the strip (I’m partial to MGM Grand due to their pools and casino floor). Anything off strip would not be as fun.

After Vegas, there is both GP Kansas City and Miami coming up. The main reason I have selected these place is because I know people who live in both and the trip would be cheaper. The only problem is that Kansas City is right after Vegas and Miami is in the middle of summer. These two I may have to pass on but I have them on my radar in case things change.

Grand Prix Louisville is next on the agenda in October. I have been to Louisville before and getting there is not too much of a hassle (if no good flights are available, it is a 6 hour drive). Louisville is nice (right on the Ohio River) and is the next closest event to the South. This is a Standard event right after Innistrad block rotates out so it will be a new time in the format, making it an interesting event.

We finally wrap up my current schedule with a trip to the nations capital, Washington D.C. D.C. is another location where I know people so lodging there will not be a problem. I haven’t been to D.C. since I was a kid so I plan to head over early to take in the sights and museums of the city. The event is Legacy, one that I don’t play too often, so I will have plenty of time this year to work on my game.

As always, the Grand Prix events include a free promo card with registration and this first half of the year it will be Primeval Titan. Not the best promo card but still a good one and done in new art by Peter Mohrbacher. Peter is a great artist with works like Tibalt, Gavony Township, and Ghost Quarter. My only problem with him is that he has the worst artist signature I’ve ever seen. For someone who puts so much effort into great art, you would think he would try on his signature. While I try to visit all artists at major events, he is one you can easily skip if you are looking for a signature. I say this because I have had things signed by him in the past. His art is still good though.

In all, the schedule this year looks good, and I can’t wait to attend many events this year. Although I am disappointed on the lack of events in the South. On a closing note, if I had an unlimited budget and free time I would add Singapore, Sydney, Rio, Beijing, Hong Kong, Kyoto, and Vienna to my list. Maybe next year.