Planechase 2012 is a few weeks old and we already have a few standout cards from the set. Like the Commander release last year, Planechase cards can be used in eternal formats such as Legacy. This has allowed a few new cards from the set to jump in value. These cards are Sakashima’s Student, Maelstrom Wanderer, and Shardless Agent. Two of those cards, Maelstrom Wanderer and Shardless agent, can be found in the Chaos Reigns Planechase deck.

With Star City listing Shardless Agent at $10 and Maelstrom Wanderer at $8, is this a good time to pick up Chaos Reigns at $20?


To answer that question, we can look back at another example of valuable cards in a box set. We have talked recently about Scavenging Ooze and it’s value in the Counterpunch commander deck. You can read the article here. The main reason Scavenging Oooze hit the $40 value is due to it’s limited availability and it’s demand for multiple copies in Legacy decks. The limited availability was mainly due to the card becoming popular months after the release of the Commander decks, making it hard to find at traditional outlets (Target, Walmart, etc). The Ooze still fetches a $40 value and likely won’t see a decline anytime soon.


Chaos Reigns is a different case. Planechase is still new and available almost anywhere.Some card shops have already raised the price of the deck to capitalize on the value of Shardless Agent. Shardless Agent jumped in popularity due to an updated Hypergenesis deck that hit the Legacy scene. The deck runs 4 copies of Shardless Agent while the Chaos Reigns deck contains 2 copies. At $10 a copy, one could basically break even in trade value if they purchase the Chaos Reigns deck. Adding that Maelstrom Wanderer is valued at $8, the deck seems like a great deal.

The only problem is that Chaos Reigns is new and that the Hypergenesis deck may not turn out to be as big as the Maverick deck. These factors could see a drop in the value of the individual cards. Yet, this is still a very limited box set and the demand for Shardless Agent is still there.

What if we factor in the rest of the popular cards in the deck? Here is a quick look at the other valuable cards in the deck:

2 Bloodbraid Elf – $2 each

2 Illusory Angel – $3 each

Glen Elendra Liege – $3

This puts a trade value of $41 for the key cards alone. We aren’t even counting the planes or other cards in the deck. Even if those cards were sold at half the value, we are back to MSRP of the set. This seems like a good deal.

I would say pick up the Chaos Reigns deck at $20 while you can. For long term investment, keep the deck sealed. If you are looking for a quick flip in value, it may not be worth the time cause you could just break even. If you are looking for good trade value at local stores with others then open it up and get rid of your key cards.

Grand Prix Atlanta is around the corner and is a Legacy tournament so the key Legacy cards like Shardless Agent could see another quick bump in value as people put together their decks for the event.