As we continue to grow Roxie Cards, we are always looking for ways to add more content for our readers. Last year, our goal was to bring you articles about various topics in Magic, from the financial to the sociological, along with tournament reports and deck ideas. I think we hit that goal, while providing other bits on content through our Facebook and Twitter pages. We also added Facebook Commenting to allow for easier responses to an article.

This year, we are continuing the focus on more articles and more topics. We are also expanding into other media formats while allowing readers to interact with the writers and others more often. For example, on our Facebook page, we at times have a Question of the Day or a Spoiler card to discuss about with followers of the page. So with that, we decided to add a forum to the site which can be seen in the top bar.

The new Roxie Cards forum has just been released and has it’s own individual goal. Along with being a part of Roxie Cards, the forum is a focus more of Magic players and various topics they want to discuss. The goal of the forum is to grow that group of people and provide them with the foundation and tools to communicate with one another efficiently. In other words, to make it easy to use and as a place to visit regularly.

The forum is in it’s early stages but does have activity and will be used daily by me and the other writers on the site. Since it is in the early stages, we will be rolling out more features as time goes on. Here are the following features in the works:

– Card images: One of our top priorities is having a hover over card image for named Magic cards. While people start posting their deck ideas and talk about various cards in conversation, we want to make it easy for players to reference what the card is. While most people may know what Jace, Memory Adept does, not everyone does.

– Integrated Chat: Similar to FB Chat, this feature will allow you to see what friends are online and how you can start a quick chat dialogue with them. This way you can reach out to others on the fly, instead of sending them a message.

– Recent card pricing: Ebay is still the cheapest place to buy cards online and we are going to set up a feature that allows you too see multiple auctions and what a card has sold for recently. This will give you a better chance to gauge when to purchase a card and for the best price.

-Video Chat: Within the chat app, we will eventually allow you to set up video chatting with other users and friends. You can do a quick game with a friend all within the site.

Those are a few of the features coming down the line so stay tuned for that. Now the blog already has some features that I want to mention too.

– What’s new: When you click on the forum, by default the site will take you to the What’s New feed. This will give you an update page of recent comments and posts. This will allow you to see any quick updates across the forum that you may be interested in following up on.

– Facebook Connect: You can now connect your FB account to your RC Forum username. This will allow you to things like login through Facebook, Like threads, and more.


So feel free to play around and check out the forums. If you have any suggestions, comments, complaints; let us know and we will take a look. Until then, enjoy!