Welcome to a new installment of Roxie Cards blog, Financial Retrospect. In this series, we will look back on cards that started off low and rose to higher values. We will look at the reason for missed opportunities and hope to give better insight so you can get in on value cards early next time.


Please note, prices are quoted from major online Magic retailers. Lower prices can be found online at places like eBay.


In this segment, we will be looking at the Scars of Mirrodin Dual lands.


When spoiled, there was a lot of talk about these cards. Mostly negative, people did not see the worth of these cards compared to the other duals. At the time, the criticism was valid. With Zendikar fetch lands, and Worldwake man lands, there was no reason to play the Scars lands. Mana fixing was easier and more powerful than the new dual lands.

Because of this, the duals were lower value cards, ranging from $2 – $5 and easily getting passed in draft to late picks. No one had a need or desire for them. I remember when I had them in my bulk rare box.

Now, things are different. Lets take a look at the price history of a couple of the lands:


Darkslick Shores


Copperline Gorge

(Images courtesy of Ark42)


As you see above, the lands sat at a relatively low price for months. The big change was the release of Innistrad. With the release of a new block, Zendikar block rotates out, and we lose all the great mana fixing lands we had from that block. This means people need their fix and what is left in Standard? The core set duals, and the Scar duals.


With Innistrad’s release, the lands shot up in value and people were getting their play sets. If this was Magic Roulette then you should know this one tip. Always bet on blue. The blue related dual lands have seen the biggest jump and retention in value. While the others (as seen by Copperline Gorge above) have gone up and down in relatively big swings.


So now the dual lands all sit at a higher value than a year ago, and will stay that way at least until they rotate out of standard. The big question now is how to capitalize on something like this once again. Looking back on the charts, you will notice that the lands stayed cheap until right before the release of Innistrad. Smart financial players knew that there would be a demand for these and got them while they could. The key here is to have the same foresight and get the lands weeks before a block rotation. If you know something like this, you can easily grab cards for cheap and flip them later for a great return on investment.


Granted, foresight is a hard thing to predict, but the lesson of this is the type of cards they are themselves. Any land that can produce more than one color is something you should always keep an eye on. When in doubt for the colors, remember to always bet on blue.