This year has been starting strong and prices have been fluctuating based on current tournaments and Gatecrash spoilers. There has been an interesting trend with one card recently causing it’s price to spike. Thoughtseize has recently been bought out at most major retailers and is sold out most everywhere. Below is the current price before being sold out on Star City.



While eBay prices are heading towards the $50 range, is this a true market price or just a false high for the market. It seems like the card is being bought out be a select few to raises. Thoughtseize is a likely card to be printed in Modern Masters so I don’t see why the market would be trending high for this card but maybe there is some information we don’t know about yet. Either way, if you are looking to sell extra copies, this seems to be the best time to get a good price for them. We will keep an eye on them and see how the card settles over the next few weeks.


In other market news, both core set planeswalkers, Garruk, Primal Hunter and Jace, Memory Adept have been trending up. Garruk, a favorite for Bant decks, has jumped up to the $20 range while Jace, seeing rising use in the control mirror and play potential with spoiled Dimir cards, has reached $15. I think both have potential to spike a little higher but don’t see them going too much higher than $25 each. This may be another opportunity to flip extra copies if you have them.