We are in our first week of June with a few good major tournaments in the recent weeks. Let’s take a look at the recent major price movers and trends.

As always, prices are quoted from major online retailers and can be cheaper at other online sites. Special thanks to Ark42 for the graphs.




Akroma’s Memorial – This card has seen increase use in Legacy tournaments, appearing in a recent Hypergenesis deck from a Star City Open. It is back up to $20, the price it was a year ago.


Bonfire of the Damned – Bonfire continues it’s hot streak rising to $30 from $25. This makes the card the most expensive miracle. I feel like it has reached it’s price ceiling. If it does rise more, I would say no higher than $35.


Griselbrand – Although Griselbrand had only a $3 jump recently to $18, the card is still worth mentioning. This is a powerful card and I don’t think the price has reflected it’s true value. I would expect this card to hit the $25 mark over the next month as it continues to see play in Legacy and Standard. It’s also an EDH staple so the casual value of the card will keep it valuable.


The Un Lands – Both land sets from Unglued and Unhinged saw a slight rise in value. Their prices have been going up since M12. Ranging from $6 – $8, these lands are still the preferred lands of players. Below is the recent change for the Unglued Island.



Cavern of Souls – Cavern is still a popular card but has seen a recent return to $25 after a brief period at $30. I think $25 is close to it’s right price and may see a decrease to $20 in the next few weeks.


Temporal Mastery – On the other end of the Miracle spectrum, Temporal mastery has returned to $20. The most over hyped card from Avacyn Restored, this card has seen the biggest price drop since release. It is still a good card and I think $20 is the true price for this one.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite – Elesh is still popular and used in reanimator decks, but has seen recent price drops from it’s $30 peak. It currently sits at $20 and will remain a popular card until set rotation.


Vampire NocturnusVampire Nocturnus is returning! This is good for players and bad for it’s price. Nocturnus has seen a healthy price increase since release and it remained valuable with the creation of Modern. Hitting the $10 price for a period of time, it doubled in value with the rise of vampires from Innistrad. Now it’s release in M13 will finally give vampire decks a Standard legal vampire lord. This of course means that the card will drop in value. Currently at $15, I think this card will bottom out around $10. If the vampire deck becomes a popular deck type though, this could rebound to $20.



That’s it for the most recent Eye on the Market series. Stay tuned for more posts on the market as we see more of M13 and tournament results.

Also, I mentioned a contest last week and that it still happening. We are finalizing the prize support for the contest and will get all the details out as soon as we do.