As we approach the end of 2012, it’s a good time to take a look at our views of the Magic market this year and how things have changed. First though, let’s take a look at a card that I’ve let slip by as it rose in price.

Hellrider, a card that has always been good, has finally found it’s home in Aggro decks and as a way to get extra damage in for the win. As you can see below, the card has sat in the $2 range for most the year and had finally taken off in value. Since late November, this card has quadrupled in price making it a hot trade. If you have any laying around this would be a good time to unload them.


While Hellrider will probably be our last Eye on the Market post for the year, it will definitely not be our last. Eye on the Market was a simple concept introduced to the website with the goal of notifying the reader of certain price jumps in the market on individual cards. It is not meant to be a speculative post but more of an observation and sometimes reason for the changes. The segment also allows readers to buy or sell a certain card before it changes in value again. For example, a player may have read about Hellrider just now and realize they have a few copies sitting around in their bulk rare box from a while ago. This is the perfect time for them to either put them in their trade binder or sell them.

Prices on Roxie Cards are quoted based on Star City Game pricing of cards, including the Eye on the Market segments. While eBay listings project the true monetary value of cards, Star City is the most important site for Magic pricing. It is not only the site that creates the pricing for the secondary market, especially in the case of a new set, but it is also the site that serves as the example for what other places base their card prices. A shift in value for a card on Star City will usually be followed by other sites. This reason, along with the Star City Open series, makes Star City the most important part of Magic: The Gathering community that doesn’t end in “of the Coast.” While the prices quoted here will still be from Star City pricing, we recommend using the prices more for a trade value and less of a monetary value.

The first Eye on the Market segment was actually not focused on a single card but on the entire Alpha set as a lot of the key cards went up in price. That segment also had a piece on Liliana and her small price drop. Over the year, Eye on the Market would become a mix of things. From a post about Temporal Mastery (although not an official Eye on the Market segment) before release to Academy Rector, months after Omniscience was released, the segment has brought news on cards in all formats. The graphs, courtesy of, have been a great help in seeing how prices of the cards have changed based on set releases of major tournaments. This is a trend we will continue in the new year and hope you are the reader have enjoyed.

Gatecrash on the horizon, we will keep an eye on the newly spoiled cards and see how they will perform and how they will affect current cards in the Market. In the meantime, feel free to take a look through our old posts on the market to get an idea of how the cards have changed over the year. One of the cool things about the ark42 graphs is that they are in real time, so you will actually see how a card has changed in price since the particular post and now. A good example is the Post Avacyn Restored article.