Today, Star City Games has increased the value of nearly all the cards from Alpha. While it is expected that over time the set will rise in value, the prices weren’t consistent across the board.

For example, Island Sanctuary rose from $25 to $70, while Living Artifact went from $25 to $35. Both cards aren’t really played so the difference in price jump in interesting.

This inconsistency also happens with the popular cards. Three of the Moxes jumped $100 in price while Mox Sapphire jumped up $800 from $1,200 to $2,000. Mox Sapphire is the most popular Mox, but does it justify the $800 jump?

(Images courtesy of Ark42)

Any collector knows that Alpha and Beta are valuable sets, and they see a rise in value over time. Like dual lands, these sets are usually the most stable for anyone looking for a return on investment. Anyone looking into investing in cards look at the older sets, the same as comic book collectors.

The question is why the recent rise in price. What has invoked Star City to raise the prices of these cards from Alpha. Now we know that Star City is just one shop but they usually represent the retail shop pricing of the game. Cards can usually be found cheaper at sites like eBay.

It is interesting to see if the other major retailers will follow suit and raise their prices, essentially raising the value of the set. This is good news for investors though and they shouldn’t see much of a fall in prices later on (unless the whole secondary market collapses, which is highly unlikely.)


In other news Liliana has dropped $5 to $30 recently. This is probably due to her less frequent use in Standard, although she is still a great card. I’m not sure if she will go down further, but this could be a good price as I don’t think she will bounce back up soon either. Below is the price history of Liliana from online retailers.