Did you know?

Foil Emrakul, the Aeons Torn is $250! Earlier this year he was $100. What about the other Eldrazi? A foil Ulamog is $100, and a foil Kozilek runs for $120. So Emrakul’s foil multiplier is much higher. His nonfoil version is $60, while Ulamog’s nonfoil is $50 and Kozilek’s nonfoil is $55. Does this mean that being a staple in Legacy is more valuable than being a staple in commander decks? I think that has something to do with it, but there could be another factor involved: being iconic to the game.


Jace, the Mindsculptor, Liliana of the Veil, Black Lotus; these cards are some of the most powerful and iconic cards in the game. There are collectors out there that own these cards with no intention of ever playing them or selling them. It’s hard to tell how much of an effect that has no the value of the cards, but if there is a foil version of the card these collectors will want it. The multiplier for a foil Jace, Liliana, or Emrakul appears to be about 5, which is pretty impressive, but there are other cards with an even higher multiplier. Foil Abrupt Decay is sold out at $70 on SCG, and on TCG the cheapest NM copy is $86, yet regular copies are only $12. Could this be an overreaction in the legacy and speculator community? Or is there a pattern than we can find and use to target other cards?


Griselbrand may be the next iconic creature to join the ranks or Emrakul and other iconic cards. He fills the same role as Emrakul and sees play in the same formats and type of decks. There are sure to be more copies out there due to being in a more recent set, but I expect Griselbrand’s trajectory to continue heading up in the years ahead.


As far as other cards that can break the 5x multiplier barrier like Abrupt Decay that haven’t already? Look for cards that don’t already have a high base price but have high appeal in legacy and maybe commander. Modern is a bonus. Rest in Peace was my target last year, but it’s already paid off. Foils were $5 while regular copies were $1.50, and now foils are $20 and they haven’t even rotated yet. By the way, did you know? Yeah, foil Rest in Peace is 20 bucks now and they were only $5 not long ago. Here’s another one: Did you know that foil Stony Silence is $12? Those were super cheap while they were standard legal.


If you’ve been following this series since last week, you may have noticed that many of the cards stayed low for a very long time before reaching mind boggling heights. There is plenty of time to recognize the patterns, and doing so can be very beneficial. Find the cards in standard that see eternal play and fill a role that is needed, and you can find the next foil to hit it big. There is plenty of time to find them. One target on my radar is Faithless Looting. It doesn’t see as much play as some of the other commons that have hit it big, but when it comes to graveyard play this is one of the first enablers that comes to mind for both Modern and Legacy. $6 seems pretty conservative, and it’s only got one foil printing. If you can think of some other targets, please share them in the comments!