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Did you know?

Flusterstorm from Commander is $50.00 on SCG! I remember when the commander decks first came out in 2011. Political Puppets was the deck to get back then for Chaos warp and Flusterstorm, much like how Mind Seize was the deck to pick up in 2013 for True-Name Nemesis. Later on, it turned out that Scavenging Ooze was the actual best card from these decks as it hit $40 while Flusterstorm and Chaos Warp dropped to $20 and $8 respectively. Flusterstorm has since recovered quite nicely in the 3 years since it came out, but there’s more to this story.


One of the most reliable ways to tell if a card is going to go up or down on SCG is by comparing their price to the price on competing web sites. Setting time aside to do this can be hard to do, but often when I’m looking a card up anyway I’ll check multiple sites to get a more complete story. I did just that for Flusterstorm, and discovered that copies could be had on TCG player for about $35 shipped. SCG is typically 10 – 20% higher than TCG, but on Flusterstorm they are 30% higher. Some of the other factors that determine price include velocity (how quickly the card sales), so if the card is moving very quickly SCG might increase their price, but I don’t see that with Flusterstorm. They also have 18 NM copies and 22 SP copies shown to be in stock. To me, these indicators show that Flusterstorm might drop on SCG. Alternatively, the most reliable way I’ve seen to see what cards are about to go up on SCG is to check Ebay completed items. If the card is selling on Ebay for about the same price that SCG is selling it for, it is quite likely that the card will increase on SCG.


Did you know?

A sealed copy of the Heavenly Inferno commander deck is $150.00! It turned out that this deck has some obscenely powerful commander cards, but this incredible rate of return is not reserved for only this deck. Here are the values for the other sealed commander decks from 2011:


Mirror Mastery: $90.00

Counterpunch:  $100.00

Political Puppets: $80.00

Devour for Power:  $100.00


An average return rate of around 300% is pretty impressive for a 3-year investment. Several of the commanders that came in these decks were only worth $2 – $5 each at the time, but have since gone up.


What does this mean for 2013’s commander decks? They were definitely printed in higher supply. The player base has increased a great deal in the 2 years between 2011’s decks and last years’. Because of that factor, I do not know if we can count on 2013 commander decks to follow the same trajectory. But at least 1 card feels drastically underpriced to me: Nekusar, the Mindrazer. This commander has caused several of magic’s draw-7s to go up in price including Wheel of Fortune. He is only $2.00 right now and is a fun commander to build around. It will likely take 2 – 3 years to see any return on your investment, but his current price makes him very attractive since it won’t tie up a bunch of money and keep you from making other investments. I have been trading for every copy I can find, which isn’t a lot actually. I’m sure there are other good targets from commander 2013. If you find some, I’d love to hear about them in the comments.


In other news, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth from M15 is preording for $12.00 on SCG.