Today’s article on Daily MTG revealed a few new cards that will be released in Magic 2013. Continuing the Legendary creature cycle of each color, we were treated with Odric, Master Tactician for white. Take a look at this great art:

This is not Innistrad!?!?

Not only is Odric holding a modified Energy Sword from Halo (ok not quite the same sword), he also had it customized with Avacyn’s symbol. Avacyn’s symbol is actually seen throughout his whole outfit just to not confuse us as where he is from. Traveling to Dominaria must have been confusing for him. Luckily, he is not alone. He brought along his pirate friends:


Another good piece of art with more Avacyn symbols, the Crusaders of Odric. Yes, these are pirates that fight for the good of Avacyn and Odric. These were the first things I noticed when they were spoiled today. It makes me wonder if these cards were leftovers from the Innistrad block or if the art was leftover and they designed new cards with it. Leave your thoughts or theories in the comments.