Buy Now Segments are recommendations of great values for card sets. While a specific card in a set can be sold to even out or gain profit for the set, these are only suggestions and should be purchased at one’s own risk.


Recently Scavenging Ooze rose to $30 $40 at Star City Games. This has put the value of the card above the MSRP price of the Commander Deck it belongs to; Counterpunch.



Based on the price history above, the Ooze has been sitting at a $20 price point for most of it’s life cycle. With the continued popularity of the Maverick deck in Legacy, and the ability to only get this card through the Commander deck, this is a great time to purchase the Counterpunchdeck if you can at the MSRP price of $30.




While we know that the $40 is the store price for the card, it is also roughly the trade value. This means you can usually trade it for $40 worth with other players. Selling the card will still net you around $20 – $25 for the card which is still great value. Some online retailers are buying the card at $20 outright, while I think you may get a little more than that on eBay. Getting rid of the rid of the card will still net you value for the rest of the deck (the other 99 want some love too!)


Here is a breakdown of the online value of the top cards from Counterpunch:

Sol Ring – $5

Lightning Greaves – $2

Skullclamp– $3

Command Tower – $3


Financially, this is a good deal for the Scavenging Ooze alone. The other cards listed do provide good trade value, and OK resell value (although for the prices they may not be worth the trouble.) For a game play standpoint, this is a great deal. Not only do you get to almost cover the price of a Commander deck, it’s also one of the most fun decks to play. If you do decide to buy this set for the retail price, there are a couple of suggestions. Target carried all the Commander decks when they were released and you may still have a chance to find the decks at some locations. Otherwise, try a comic or or general game shop. Most Magic card shops will know the value of Scavenging Ooze and will mark the Counterpunch deck higher.