Author: WilBlanks

Planeswalker Profile: Sarkhan Vol

Our planeswalker series continues this week with Sarkhan Vol.   Sarkhan Vol is a powerful shaman that reveres dragons as the ultimate expression of power and life. He specializes in magic that manipulates emotion and that which likens himself to a dragon. He was born onto a plane where greedy, unscrupulous warlords ravage the land in a never-ending quest for power and control. Sarkhan was a soldier for one such warlord and lived his life in this way for a time. He found it tiresome and pointless, and hoped to become something more than a pawn in someone else’s...

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Planeswalker Profile: Chandra Nalaar

Part two in our series of Planeswalkers continues with Chandra Nalaar.   This is Chandra Nalaar . She is a strongly assertive woman and one of the original ‘Lorwyn 5’ to usher in the new Planeswalker card type. She is a powerful pyromancer who uses her intense flames to assert herself and pick fights when need be. She has problems with authority and has made a reputation for herself as a troublemaker on several planes. She was born into a modest family on an as-of-yet unknown plane. Her mother was strict and her father was gentle. She didn’t get...

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Planeswalker Profile: Gideon Jura

Sep 11, 2012 – Welcome to the first article in a series known as Planeswalker Profile. In this article series, writer Wil Blanks will take us through a brief history and overview of some of Magic’s greatest planeswalkers. Today we will focus on the latest spoiled planeswalker from gatecrash:Gideon Jura. This is Gideon Jura. He is a powerful warrior mage and one of Magic’s more prominent current recurring characters. He is a hieromancer, a law mage, and has a powerful desire to use his powers to help the helpless. Gideon was born to a single mother on a thus...

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