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Revisiting Alara: Bant

Bant is the shard of Alara bereft of black and red mana. Free from the influence of death and chaos, Bant evolved over the centuries into an orderly, if somewhat strict society. A hierarchy of angles rules over a highly martial caste-based society in this world of golden spires, rolling hills, and rich oceans. The …

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Revisiting Alara: A Brief Introduction

In this new flavor series, Wil takes use through the Shards of Alara starting with a brief overview of the plane and it’s story.   The Shards of Alara Long ago, Alara was a plane like most; rich in mana and resources and culture. Then a great cataclysm came and sundered the plane into pieces. …

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Ravnica: Beyond the Guilds

RAVNICA, BEYOND THE GUILDS Ravnica is one of the most varied and fascinating in all the multiverse. A cityscape covers the entire globe, and ten ancient political bodies, the Guilds of Ravnicas, have bent the world to their will and manage to survive even the most dramatic changes to their world, physical or political. But …

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The Ravnica Guilds: Azorius

AZORIUS SENATE The Azorius Senate are the white-blue guild of Ravnica. They are the self-appointed law of Ravnica, the judge and jury who write the rules of Ravnica and ensure they are enforced. How much their laws are actually listened to by the other guilds or even the general populace varies depending on any number …

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The Ravnica Guilds: Simic

THE SIMIC COMBINE The Simic Combine are the blue-green guild of Ravnica. Biomancers by trade, they are the stewards of Ravnica’s lifeforms. From responsible medicine, to engineering of monsters and bioweapons, they take upon themselves to ensure that all of Ravnica’s life forms are capable for the challenges of life in the city, whether or …

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The Ravnica Guilds: Golgari

THE GOLGARI SWARM The Golgari Swarm are the in-numerous black-green Guild of Ravnica. Taking claim of most anything under the city streets, the Golgari embrace the cycle of life and death and twist it to their gain. Using the dead as reinforcements and resources, the Golgari are a strange bunch. They provide numerous valuable services …

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The Ravnica Guilds: Dimir Revealed

HOUSE DIMIR House Dimir is Ravnica’s worst kept secret. A secret society of spies and thieves and assassins that operate from the shadows, they don’t operate with power; knowledge is their weapon. They use subtlety and subversion to put themselves into positions of power and pit the other guilds against each other. They hide in …

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The Ravnica Guilds: Dimir

HOUSE DIMIR                             There is no House Dimir.

The Ravnica Guilds: Orzhov

THE CHURCH OF ORZHOV The Church of Orzhov is one of the centers of faith on the Plane of Ravnica. It’s also the largest bank championing the plane’s trade and commerce. Part religion, part bank, and part crime syndicate, the Orzhov use the power of faith and wealth to gain control on Ravnica; luring people …

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The Ravnica Guilds: Rakdos

THE CULT OF RAKDOS The members of the Cult of Rakdos are a threat to themselves and others. Thrill seekers, sadists, masochists, entertainers and full-blown lunatics gather together in this cult of personality, united in their shared interest in a rule-free life of self-satisfaction. They are the guild of ‘do what you want, nuts to …

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