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A flavor look at Magic: Origins

MAGIC: ORIGINS Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the last core set has been announced and we’ve found out some details about it. In today’s post I plan to go over those details, why they’re important, and make some predictions. The set is called Magic: Origins and the prerelease is July …

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Who’s Who in Khans of Tarkir

Who’s Who in Khans of Tarkir Magic’s story is in a weird transition phase right now. This is the first block where none of the story will be told via books (e-book or otherwise), and entirely via the weekly Uncharted Realms story. To that end, Wizards is trying to put more story highlights onto the …

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Magic The Gathering Board Game

If you were paying attention to Magic related news last week, you may have seen the announcement and reveal of a Magic the Gathering strategy board game. The first sneak peak of it took place at this year’s Essen Spiel (an annual tabletop game convention in Germany of epic proportions), and while the game is …

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Predicting the next Duel Deck

                 Today I’m going to take a shot at predicting what the next walker versus walker Duel Deck is going to be. I think I know, and I’m going to tell you how. While the duel decks have always alternated between “faction versus faction” and “Planeswalker versus Planeswalker” decks, for the longest time there …

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Revisiting Alara: Naya

NAYA                 Naya is the Shard without blue and black mana. Without the influence of blue’s domestication and black’s rampant death, Naya grew into a realm of unbound growth. Many of the lifeforms of the shard have grown to sizes all but unheard of on most other worlds, and you can’t throw a rock in …

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Revisiting Alara: Jund

JUND                 Jund is the Shard of Alara lacking white and blue mana. Without the colors of order and civilization to leash it, Jund evolved into a chaotic world where no law or ideal has been able to override the condition of “might makes right”. A world of vast mountain ranges, thriving jungles and deep …

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Revisiting Alara: Grixis

GRIXIS Grixis is the shard of Alara without white or green mana. Without the colors of life, Grixis has atrophied to a decaying world caught in a downward spiral of parasitism. A sick, deathly world where the soil can be made of rotting flesh, ever under a stormy sky, everything about this world is somehow …

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Revisiting Alara: Esper

ESPER Esper is the shard of Alara lacking red and green mana. Without the influence of emotion and instinct, Esper grew into a world of supreme logic and order. A sterile world of deep, boundless seas; wide open dunes of glass; dank pools of cess beneath cloudy skies, defined by rules and structure where the …

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Revisiting Alara: Bant

Bant is the shard of Alara bereft of black and red mana. Free from the influence of death and chaos, Bant evolved over the centuries into an orderly, if somewhat strict society. A hierarchy of angles rules over a highly martial caste-based society in this world of golden spires, rolling hills, and rich oceans. The …

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Revisiting Alara: A Brief Introduction

In this new flavor series, Wil takes use through the Shards of Alara starting with a brief overview of the plane and it’s story.   The Shards of Alara Long ago, Alara was a plane like most; rich in mana and resources and culture. Then a great cataclysm came and sundered the plane into pieces. …

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