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Playtest Perspective: Mardu Midrange vs Mono Red Defector

Playtest Perspective is back for the new year and we have switched things up a little. Instead of the POV camera, we transferred to the overhead shot to give the viewers a look at both players and see their actions. Today we look at a Mardu Midrange deck that is a variation of the deck that won a recent Grand Prix and a Mono Red Midrange deck with Humble Defector and an army of fliers. Note, for the red deck, there are some proxies and Chandra’s Phoenix is Flamewake Phoenix.   Mardu MidrangeMaindeck (36)4 Bloodsoaked Champion4 Goblin Rabblemaster3 Butcher of the Horde3 Hushwing...

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Announcing: Roxie Cards and The Battlegrounds Games partnership

  We hope you all had a great new year and are as excited about Magic in 2015 as we are. Not only do we get to finish the Khans block with Fate Reforged and Dragons of Tarkir, but we also get another Modern Masters set, as well as the last Core set (for now). There are now events every weekend, between Grand Prixes, SCG Opens, PPTQs, and IQs, and Standard still has plenty of options. We have a lot of things planned this year as well. Along with more event coverage, more videos, and more articles, we are...

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Southeast Judge Conference – Brian Prillaman: How to Give a Seminar

Last weekend was the Southeast Judge Conference and we were able to capture some of the presentations for your enjoyment. Today we start with Brian Prillaman from who speaks about How to give a Seminar. Please note that there were other events going on during the presentation so there is a good amount of background noise. We tried to clean it up as much as we could. Enjoy!  ...

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