Author: MajBassery

Magic Mixed Drinks: Planeswalker Cocktails

Hello fellow Roxie Card readers! Glad to say I’m back in action with more Magic the Gathering and alcohol! First and foremost, thanks to everyone for the loving endorsement of my first article “Magic the Drinking Game!” it truly meant a lot to me and for those who haven’t had the chance to read it please check it out you won’t be disappointed. Now that I’m back you must be wondering what should write about now? I can always write about another Magic drinking game variant! But I feel like we already accomplish that so there must be something...

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The Magic: The Gathering Drinking Game

  Please note, for those who don’t want to drink then no worries you do not have to use alcohol. Instead using energy drinks or disgusting mystery punches is fine too. Hello fellow readers! My name is Maj Bassery, and like you I sure do love me some Magic the Gathering. I have been a member of Roxie Cards for a while now, but with school and work I haven’t had much time to write an article. Well now I have such time and I wanted to write something memorable for me and especially for you guys so I...

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