Author: JonathanShaffer

Battle for Zendikar Brews in the new Standard

What the F@*% Just Happened to Standard? I hope everyone enjoyed their pre-releases of Battle for Zendikar. Personally, I had a blast, but I heard a few things that disturbed me. One player was saying that Battle for Zendikar will have little to no effect on standard. Patrick Chapin said it best, “You can play any color(s) you want in standard right now.” It’s understandable that the format will not slow down as severely as people anticipated just by looking at spoilers, but Battle for Zendikar came in like an apocalyptic flood and took out everything we knew about...

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Sultai in Standard, is it well positioned?

  Sultai is Actually Well Positioned?!!! Alright… I’ve gotten Siege Rhino out of my system and I’m back on annoying people by never letting creatures stay on the field. Esper Dragons and Blue Black control will always be good decks, but Sultai has some its own card quality. Where else can you play Courser of Kruphix, Downfall, Languish, Jace, Silumgar, and Ashiok without feeling like you are sitting at a table with a bunch of people casting their favorite Return to Ravnica spells? The first month and a half of origins standard has seen a new deck taking a...

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Keeping up with Esper Dragons in Standard

  Keeping Esper Dragons Up to Date With the rapid evolution of the standard metagame, what is considered the best one week will not necessarily be the best the next week. Many players have dropped Esper Dragons for some flavor of Abzan (megamorph, midrange, and aggro), or a deck that exploits Abzan weaknesses. Why? Is it because Esper can be challenging to pilot, or is it that control only appeals to a certain audience? Either way, I feel like this is still the best deck in the format due to the ability to adjust your card choices going into...

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