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Welcome to Thunder Loam

I’ve had a number of people asking me to discuss some of the changes I’ve made to my Four Color Loam deck I’ve been championing since late last year. You can read the first primer I wrote on the deck back in May here. The most recent major event I played the loam deck in was the SCG Innovational in New Jersey. This was a split format event and I went 6-1-1 in the legacy partition with the draw being intentional to make top 8. You can find the deck list I played at the invitational here (note that...

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Sideboard Strategy: The Rock

Updated Deck List: I’ve played Rock Control in standard for the last three weekends now. I went 16-0 in games winning a Mox Emerald at a local event, I went 6-2 at the SCG Invitational and this past weekend I had a 7-2 finish at a TCGPlayer 5k in Chicago. I’ve play tested most cards in the BG color combination at this point and I’ve arrived at the following 75: The RockLand (26)1 Forest2 Golgari Guildgate2 Mutavault4 Overgrown Tomb13 Swamp4 Woodland CemeterySorcery (3)3 MutilateEnchantment (3)3 Underworld ConnectionsArtifact (1)1 Ratchet BombPlaneswalker (3)3 Liliana of the VeilInstant (8)3 Abrupt Decay1 Devour Flesh1 Doom Blade1 Putrefy2 Tragic SlipCreature (16)4 Desecration Demon1 Disciple of Bolas4 Lifebane Zombie3 Scavenging Ooze4 ThragtuskSideboard (15)2 Deathrite Shaman2 Doom Blade3 Duress2 Golgari...

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Rocking the SCG Invitational

Rocking the SCG Invitational This past weekend I made the top 8 cut at the SCG Invitational in Somerset. The invitational is a split legacy/standard event. In the legacy portion I played an updated version of the four color loam deck I’ve been championing for some time now. While I plan to write an updated article on my legacy deck of choice later this week – today I would like to talk about the standard deck I chose to play – GB Rock. At the Invitational – I played the following 75 in standard: The RockCreatures (17) (17)4 Desecration Demon2 Disciple...

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Modern UR Delver Primer

  I recently finished in 16th place at Grand Prix Kansas City. The format was modern and I was slinging a deck I have been working on for some time now – UR Counter/Burn. I’ve already written an event report for Kansas City which you can read here. The point of this article is to outline my thoughts on how to best play the deck as well as provide the reasoning behind some of my card selection. Before we dive in I’d like to provide you with my latest deck list for this archetype:   1  Faerie Conclave 5 ...

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X/1s and Lighting Bolt: A Grand Prix Kansas City Report

I think Modern has easily become my favorite format. Similar to legacy I get a deep card pool to brew decks with, but unlike legacy I don’t have to worry about dying on turns one or two. My LGS has a weekly 10 card proxy modern event so I’ve been able to get in a good deal of play time with lots of different ideas. The deck I ended up playing at GP Kansas City has gone by many different names, UR Fae, UR Delver, UR Counter-Burn… The list goes on! Personally, I prefer to call it “X/1s and...

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