In today’s post, Raphael Bell shares with us a tribute to his favorite card of M13, which will soon leave Standard…

A Destructive Path

Through the smoke and flames it hunts, sniffing out the panicked and confused. A blazing trail of ruin and charred remains closely follow behind. It’s path clouded by confusion and lack of better judgment, for such a primitive beast knows nothing else. It’s life, nothing but seeking the to be one of the first 7 cards in your hand to give you an advantage along with an Arbor Elf, Forest, and hopefully a Mountain. It fights long and hard on a uphill battle to hopefully “get there”, the “Flinthoof Boar.”

My name is Raphael Bell, in case you didn’t know, I’m a big enthusiast on card art. The card mentioned, “Flinthoof Boar” is definitely one of my favorites. If you have not seen this thing in action or at all for that matter, here you are, in all of it’s splendid glory.

Now first things first, back in M13 when I first saw this card I wondered, “Is there no deck for this card?” I thought it was a crazy piece of work; the eyes, bulging out of its head and sparkling with malice is what really did it for me. “This thing is going nuts!” I thought to myself, “there is no way it has control over what it’s doing, it’s just doing the only thing it knows, blind destruction.”

I really like to get a feel for a card before I actually play with it. I spend hours, sometimes even days just looking at how sick a card looks to be sure if I really want to play with it or not! The other thing that really stood out to me was the flames protruding from its hooves. “Flinthoof Boar..”, I thought. “OH!, I get it now!” The flames.. The creature running at high speeds down a mountain, why in fact it even needed a Mountain to operate efficiently. Flint-Hoof, yes I finally understood. How could I not play with this card?!

Green, just so happening to be my favorite color in this realm full of demons and devils, had to be my main color of course. Promoting growth, strength and a strong will to survive, this card was for sure going in whatever I put my hands on. Of course a mixture of red was needed in order to get the full potential out of my “Flinthoof Boar” and so, I added it. Red, the color of rage, destruction, and last but certainly not least, Haste; a staple mechanic in this color apparently. With all of the holes filled, all of my aesthetics pleased, I knew I was on the road to something great. For me, in order to play Magic: The Gathering to my fullest extent, I have to “Love” every single card in my deck, from the 6 of Mountain to the tiniest Arbor Elf.

By this point, it was apparent that this “Flinthoof Boar” would be the source of my winnings as well as the bane of my existence. Every time I would see it I would feel as if I was standing on top of the world, as soon as my opponent would see me play that card I felt a slight grin slather across my face. Every time I would not see the card in my opening hand or first draw, I would have to depend on some other form of “beats.” It just felt as if the deck that I chose to create was being misrepresented somehow and my opponents would get the wrong idea of how the match, at least in my head, was supposed to go.

It was after experiencing several different trials with the “Flinthoof Boar” that I knew I was onto something. Me and the boar had become “Pals” if you will. The crazy yet determined look in it’s eye, the clicking of it’s hooves made of flint used to create a path of flame and destruction, was all I needed to see. All of this for a combined total of 3 mana? I fail to see a weakness in this card whatsoever and I hope you learn to appreciate the “Flinthoof Boar” as much as I do. With M13 going out, I just don’t know what I’m going to do. I think my head is going to explode.

Thank you very much,
Raphael Bell