Roxie Cards is proud to announce a new project that we are working on for the new year (actually, there is another project but we can’t reveal that one just yet) called On The Play. On The Play is a series about a group of Magic players who meet up each week, in preparation for an upcoming Grand Prix. In the show, we follow the lives of these players and how they interact with each other and those around them. Currently a 9 episode season, we are planning to film the series all at once and release them on a weekly basis.

We have a great cast and crew working on this project, as well as local Atlanta stores assisting, but we need your help. This is not our first web series, as we did Trace and Ralph: Unleashed back in 2013 (you can watch the first episode here.) While the show was fun and entertaining, we did it on a small budget with a limited team, which could not be sustained with our resources. Therefore, we want to approach this new series with a new plan and a bigger budget to give you the best we have. This means we need more funding to proceed with the series and need any assistance you can provide in making this show a reality.

We have created a Kickstarter campaign in order to help with our needs. In addition to supporting our passion project, we also have some great rewards you may like. Take a look below at the details for the project.

Any amount you can contribute will help (pledges start at $1), and will be greatly appreciated. If you cannot assist financially, then please share the project with your friends and help spread the word.

We want to bring you the best in Magic entertainment. We may even pull Raphael Bell out of retirement to make an appearance!