Space Jace? Banksy Pack Rats? For alters, Jason Shu has them covered. As a Magic player and artist, he recently created his own page, Yuki Alters, fitting time into his busy schedule to do all kinds of creations for cards. We met met up with Jason to talk about his new project and get his thoughts on current and future plans in the altering world. Also, a chance to get a free altered card from Yuki Alters.



So tell us how you get into altering and the creation of Yuki Alters.

Shortly after rotation last year, I did a set of three Banksy Pack Rats because I thought it was a simple yet elegant idea. It wasn’t until my friend Jordan Pate commissioned me to do a playset of Momofuma Thoughtseizes in February of this year that I officially started altering. I never had any art training so I was hesitant at first, but I jumped right in. I was astounded by the support I got from my girlfriend and Magic buddies so I finally decided to create a Facebook page to share my work with the world. As for the name, I named it after one of my fur babies. I strive improve and grow as an artist but it continues to be a challenge juggling law school, internships and altering.


I’m also a big fan of the Banksy Pack Rats. Will you be doing any other Banksy inspired art? Perhaps the girl with the balloon, or the guy throwing the flower bouquet.

I am currently busy learning and experimenting with new styles, so there’s no plans for additional Banksy inspired art. However, when I feel like I have sufficiently explored the world of altering, I’d love to revisit these and create additional works.

One of the things I noticed that is different from most other alters is the cross section blueprint look. How did that idea come about?

This style originated with ClaarBar and it’s been so popular that there has been many derivatives over the years. I plan on further developing this idea when I work on a new Tolarian Academy commission involving a full blueprint with rolled up edges. To my knowledge, that hasn’t been done before.

What has been your favorite creation so far?

My favorite creation so far is actually a piece I recently finished, Portgas D. Ace on a Chandra, Pyromaster. It’s the most complex piece I’ve done to date, but I definitely enjoyed the challenge and look forward to doing more.

How long does a typical piece take to create?

So far, a typical piece takes me between 1-2 hours to create. However, if it’s my first time imitating a particular style, the learning curve would usually double that time frame. Also, for more complex pieces like the Portgas D. Ace Chandra, with practice I expect to get it done within 3-4 hours.

Do you follow any other alterists? Which ones do you like?

To name a few: ClaarBar, Klug, Modfly, and Cereal Alters. But the number of talented alterists out there is staggering and I continue to draw inspiration from their work.

What are other inspirations you plan to use in the future?

Once my new set of color fineliners arrive, I plan on altering cards with comic book characters. And time permitting, I’d love to apply Art Nouveau style to some planeswalkers.

Thanks for your time Jason!

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