The Fate Reforged spoiler season has ended and we got a full look at the entire set last Friday. Creatures still rule in this format and there are a lot of exciting cards that have been talked about. While we know about the potential of cards like Soulfire Grand Master and Warden of the First Tree, I’m going to take a look at cards that I’m excited about testing in the new Standard.


Dark Deal

The potential of Dark Deal is one I’m looking forward to the most. Early game, this card fuels Delve and gives you a fresh hand minus one card. We have seen that Delve is a great mechanic that will mostly be used for Treasure Cruise Dig Through Time. It’s also a handy way to put cards like the Soul of Theros or Bloodsoaked Champion in you graveyard. The other benefit of playing Dark Deal early on is that it get rid of your opponent’s hand as well. This could be a gamble, but getting rid of their hand can ruin their plans and give them a worse hand. I wouldn’t mind playing this on turn two (with a turn one Elvish Mystic). Late game, I think card also has it’s advantages. While discard cards like Thoughseize or Duress are dead draws late game, Dark Deal can be used with all those lands you been filling your hand with as the game goes on. While is requires a 2 other cards in hand to even net a card, this is not the worse possibility. This last game play can also mess with the control player who may have a hand full of counterspells. While this card may end up being a bust, I still plan to run it in some kind of Sultai or U/B deck and see how it works out.



Sudden Reclamation

Speaking of filling your graveyard, Sudden Reclamation is another graveyard card. For four mana, you get you pick of a your best creature and a land. While not ideal with Delve, I think the fact that you get a creature and a land helps keep your land drops coming through while getting a threat. OK, even this card is good with delve, as long as you delve carefully. This card works in conjunction great with Satyr Wayfinder and Sidisi decks.The casting cost is restrictive though and may not be worth it in the long run.


Reality Shift

It’s blue removal that exiles the creature. Like Rapid Hybridization before it, Reality Shift will be used in Standard. It does cost one more mana, but exiling is important in this format of graveyard use and recursion. The manifest shouldn’t be a big deal (yes they could hit a good creature to morph) and a 2/2 is manageable in this format. You also have the potential of messing up their Scry if they keep a card they need on top. I will gladly manifest their Siege Rhino to avoid the ETB trigger of it.


Monastery Siege

The Siege cycle looks fun, but my favorite pick is Monastery Siege. The cheapest card in the cycle at three mana, this card feel like what Sultai Ascendency should have been. The loot mechanic will be used most often, filling your hand with cards you want and your graveyard with delve cards. This card reminds of Thassa, but multiples of this card allows you to either loot more, or pick the second more to protect you and your permanents. Maybe this can bring back a rise to Mono Blue devotion (if so, Cloudform seems like a good addition to that type of deck).



Kolaghan, the Storm’s Fury

Kolaghan is one of the many cards from the new set that has one of my favorite abilities. The Dash mechanic is a nice addition to creatures and one that I think will see a lot of Standard play. While Kolaghan may not be high on the list, I like the option of giving your team a mini Trumpet Blast each attack. As we have seen, haste is an important ability in standard and protecting Kolaghan from sorcery speed removal means you’ll always have a good creature in hand. He is a 5 power on attack alone and can block Stormbreath Dragon if you decide to cast him normally.