Did you know?

Foil Elvish Mystic from M14 is $7.00! This is a common that is primarily seeing play in standard for god’s sake. Surely commander and cube is aiding in the inflation of this card’s price, but I still find it difficult to believe that a standard legal common is $7.00. While I think creature type is a little less important these days than in past, I’m pretty sure the fact that this is an elf helps increase its value. But still, even a foil Delver of Secrets was only $5 – $6 while it was in standard, and it was seeing play in legacy and standard at the time.


Did you know?

Foil Young Pyromancer from M14 is up to $20.00! This uncommon sees a fair amount of play in modern, and maybe even a little in legacy. It was $15.00 last month and has finally seen a price bump.  I expect it to rise some more as modern continues to grow, but wouldn’t really advocate getting them as an investment as there are more lucrative opportunities out there. If you want to play them, getting them sooner rather than later will save you some money further down the road. Also, if you’re a trader, I recommend having hard-to-find cards that have wide appeal available to trade. They open up a lot of opportunities that you would otherwise not have.


I bring these up today because M15 actually has a lot of awesome commons and uncommons in the set to open in foil. Some of these are very popular in both casual and standard (like Elvish Mystic) and some have eternal applications. Here’s a short list of commons and uncommon that would be awesome to get in foil:


Ajani’s Pridemate
Back to Nature
Darksteel Citadel
Endless Obedience
Illusory Angel
Reclamation Sage
Stoke the Flames
Sunblade Elf
Various slivers


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