Did you know?

Foil Darksteel Citadel from Darksteel is $20.00! I came across one of these while sorting cards on Saturday and decided to look it up out of curiosity. I knew that non foil copies are $2 – $3, so I expected a foil one to be $5 and certainly not more than $10. I was dumbfounded to find that it was $20. I immediately began to wonder why it was $20 when other Affinity foils were much less. I double checked the other foil affinity commons and uncommon; Ornithopter: $5, Memnite, still $6, and Signal Pest was still $6. All of these cards are played as 4-ofs (with the occational list running only 2 Memnites), and I haven’t seen Darksteel Citadel show up in any other lists, so the only conclusion I can come to is that Darksteel Citadel is worth so much more because of its scarcity due to age. This foil common from Darksteel is worth the same as a foil Etched Champion from Scars of Mirridin.


The conclusion that we can draw here is that amount of cards printed these days is far greater than the amount printed as far back as Mirrodin. We already knew this, but these prices help put it in perspective. By the way; Darksteel Citadel is in M15. I’ll be curious to see what that does to the price of the original foil and what an M15 foil be worth.