Did you know?

Gemstone Mine from Weatherlight or Time Spiral is $8.00! This land is used in hardcore multicolor combo decks that don’t need to tap the same land for more than 3 turns. There are not a lot of those decks out there, but the supply of Gemstone Mines is really low.


Did you know?

Gift of Estates from 9th edition is $4.00! Have you ever seen this uncommon before? It’s a 1-time sorcery-speed Land Tax for 2 mana. I suspect that Commander is the culprit for driving these to the current price. There’s a portal version that’s worth $6. If you’ve got some bulk left over from a collection you acquired, you may want to pull these.

A year or 2 ago Land Tax was unbanned in Legacy and shot up to something like $50.00. Then, reality set in and people tried to dump their copies as the card dipped to its current prices of $20 for 4th edition or $30 for the Legends version. There is also a beautiful judge foil that goes for $60. These prices are still roughly double what they went for when they were banned.

The reason I’m bringing this up is that there is another card that I believe in called Tithe. How many times do you need to hit with Land Tax to put the game considerably in your favor? Once is equivalent to an Ancestral Recall that only draws you lands. Twice, and you’ve thinned out your deck considerably, but will probably end up discarding some of the lands anyway. The unfortunate downsides to Land Tax turned out to be too limiting though. Land Tax requires the deck to be built around it by playing at least 6 or so basic lands, and also typically requires a few tricks to get you to have less land than your opponent at the beginning of your upkeep like Mox Diamond. It’s also sorcery speed and has to stay out a turn to work. Tithe only hits 2 lands, but they can be any dual land with a plains in it allowing you to fix your mana. Because it’s an instant, you can cast it after putting a fetchland  or wasteland activation on the stack to temporarily drop below your opponent’s land count. This also allows you to spend your mana at the most optimum time and when the lands will matter to you the most.


I’m not recommending that anybody buy Tithe as an investment. I’ve personally been sitting on 20 copies for about 6 years, but I believe in them. When choosing an investment it’s important to believe in the card. Your instincts will develop over time and can prove to be valuable when something new comes out and there’s nobody to tell you exactly what to do. In the end, you have to decide for yourself.