Hey everyone. We just got back from an amazing weekend of Pro Tour Journey into Nyx excitement this past weekend, in which we grabbed some footage for. While we get prepped for Grand Prix Atlanta, be sure to check out our YouTube page or here for exclusive interviews from the past weekend.

First, we have a Behind the scenes look at what goes on during a Pro Tour below, as well as an interview with Adam Colby from the Brand Management team. Adam speaks about working with the upcoming Conspiracy set and more.


Also, as a bonus, we are giving away Momocon Badges for this weekend. What is Momocon you may ask? Well, check out the website here, but in short, it’s an Animation, Video Game, and Anime convention going on only a few blocks away from the site of Grand Prix Atlanta. Scrub out day 1? Looking to have your friends that you drug along to to tournament be entertained? Be sure to check out this major event. We will also be organizing a Roxie Cards Meetup in the Mariott Lobby after Saturday’s rounds, so keep an eye on our Facebook page to see how to win your 3 day pass to the event!