Did you know?
Foil Abrupt Decay is up to $70! This card started out at about $35 on SCG, and then over the next 3 – 6 months dropped to $20. The drop wasn’t due to a decrease in demand. It was seeing play in standard, modern, and legacy, though modern wasn’t as big back then. The drop was due to an increase in supply. About 6 months ago it rose back up to it’s new release price of $35. A few months ago it climbed to $50, which I think everyone expected. But now it is $70; double its original price for a card that is still standard legal!

Everyone knew that this card would be eternal playable for approximately forever. Talking about a foil, its price is pretty safe from a reprint. The nonfoil version experienced a dip in the months leading to the Jace vs. Vraska duel deck release. There was a good chance it would be reprinted there.

If foil Abrupt Decay is a $70 card, what about foil Geist of Saint Traft, which is a mythic and from an older set? It’s sitting at $80, and seems a little underpriced in comparison. It doesn’t see as much play, but is that enough to offset the increased rarity and age? I expect foil Geist to reach $100 in a few months during modern season.

How about foil Thoughtseize from Theros? It’s still sitting at $50, the same as it has been almost since release. This is about the most obvious eternal playable card ever with a proven track record, but that hasn’t stopped surprising spikes in the past. It’s not a particularly pretty foil, but I don’t think that will stop it from spiking in the future. It may not be this year, and I can’t guarantee it will dip a bit like Abrupt Decay did, but at some point this foil will go up. I wouldn’t rush out to acquire copies, but they are definitely on my radar and will be hoarded whenever I can pick them up for standard cards. It’s a very nice place to put value from your standard cards into.

Did you know?
Foil Liliana of the Veil was restocked on SCG at $350! This is starting to feel like Jace, the Mindsculptor version 2. Liliana will probably be reprinted at some point, whether in the FTV series or in Modern Masters 2, but this is a set foil and those aren’t hurt much by a reprinting. As modern continues to grow, her demand will slowly increase. She is a popular inclusion in cube as well. I don’t recommend investing a huge chunk of change in her because there are better investments out there, but if you already have one I wouldn’t trade it unless you get something very nice.