Esper is the shard of Alara lacking red and green mana. Without the influence of emotion and instinct, Esper grew into a world of supreme logic and order. A sterile world of deep, boundless seas; wide open dunes of glass; dank pools of cess beneath cloudy skies, defined by rules and structure where the clever most prevail. The most defining feature of the world is a powerful, magical alloy known as etherium that functions as a metaphor for Esper itself; ever-striving to better itself than natural life.

Red and green are the colors of instinct and emotion, savagery and chaos. Esper has evolved beyond such things and strives to distance itself from these concepts; cleverness and knowledge are more valued here. If you’re smart, and just a little bit lucky, you can do very well.

Etherium, and the Flaws of the Flesh

A common belief on Esper is that of the weakness of natural life. Flesh is weak and impermanent and requires constant maintenance; the mind is plagued by emotion and instinct. Much of their culture is based around overcoming these hurdles. Most significant to their way of life is the existence of etherium.

Etherium is magic made real. It is a magical metallic alloy that directly taps into the boundless mana of the Blind Eternities. Pure etherium is virtually indestructible, requires no maintenance, can be fashioned into almost any sort of tool, and can be its own power source. Esperites have spent millennia honing the art of crafting etherium into prosthetics to replace parts of their bodies, in doing so, taking a great stride towards logical perfection.

The single biggest flaw with etherium is its amount. All of the etherium that has ever been made on Esper was made millennia ago by Esper’s founder, and no one since then has found out how to repeat the process. Thus, especially in recent years, the demand for etherium has remained as high as ever, but the supply constantly dwindles.

The best connected have managed to get a hold of enough etherium to suit their needs, often at someone else’s expense, but the less fortunate have had to make compromises. Many have ended up using prosthetics not made of pure etherium; they use mixtures of etherium and other materials, or a more available substance with small fibres of etherium woven through them.

Crucius the Mad, and the Noble Work

The founder of Esper is a controversial figure known to most as Crucius the Mad. Many dispute many aspects of his life, including whether or not he truly existed, but what is generally agreed upon was that he was an ancient and powerful sphinx that created etherium.

After creating etherium, he proposed a process that would come to be known as “The Noble Work”. The Noble Work, as it exists now, is the most extreme philosophy regarding trans humanism on Esper. The idea is that all living things on Esper should be infused with etherium; that when this happens Esper will enter a new golden age. What Crucius had intended may have been completely removed from this belief.

Crucius was a Planeswalker. A very powerful and wise one, who understood Esper’s plight, a splinter of a greater whole world. Etherium was part of a master plan of his to reunite his world as it should be. What his end game with etherium was may never be known; Crucius has not been heard from in centuries.

Sharuum, the Hegemon

Sharuum the Hegemon is the de facto leader of all of Esper. An old and powerful sphinx, she rarely intervenes directly in the affairs of Esper, but when she does, her word is law. She does not know how to create new etherium, but she is among the most knowledgeable about the substance alive today, and has refined processes for all of esper to stretch its already tight etherium stores even tighter. Since the Conflux happened, she has been more direct in her role, traveling among the shards, searching for ways to create more etherium under the guise of reinforcing Esper’s defenses from the savages from the other shards.

Tezzeret the Seeker

Tezzeret is a remarkable artificer from Esper of most humble beginnings. The son of a scrapper and a whore, Tezzeret was never given a name by his parents, and adopted a name from his rough life on the streets. He learned, first hand, of the cruelty of those in power; that they have no need to look down upon those beneath them, but do, often because they can. He took the name Tezzeret on a day that he had had enough and shanked a bully, ‘tezzeret’ being an Esper slang term for a shiv.

Tezzeret’s mother was killed in an accident by a nobleman, who never bothered to see what had happened. On that day he came to understand the dynamic of those in power and those who do not; those who take, and those who are taken from. On that day, he swore to become strong enough to never be taken from again. He scrounged for years, eventually accumulated enough etherium to accomplish something that was all but unheard of in modern times; crafting an arm of pure etherium for himself.

He ascended after stumbling upon a conspiracy; that no one on Esper knew how to create new etherium. He was rescued by his spark, and eventually came to take revenge against the one who was responsible for the conspiracy; the Planeswalker Nicol Bolas. He stole an interplanar organization, the Infinite Consortium, away from Bolas.

A plot to destroy the Consortium was put against him, and Tezzeret’s mind was destroyed by Jace Beleren, and his body left for dead. Bolas retrieved him, revived him, and put him to work as an enforcer.

Tezzeret was sent to the plane of Mirrodin, to subvert the Phyrexian infection that had taken hold of the plane, and to prevent any one figure from taking charge there.

Professional 50 mg Chicago Usa Free Viagra Samples Esper after the Conflux

Like most, the people of Epser were left largely unprepared for the influx of strange new people and places brought forth by the Conflux. Many people from Esper traveled on pilgrimages into the newly reformed Alara, spreading the good word of The Noble Work, converting the natives there into their way of thinking. During the war itself, many traveled to the other shards seeking materials they believed to be needed for the making of new etherium.

The people of Esper believed themselves to be impervious to damage from their neighbors, the power of their artifice and magic would protect them. They knew not of the existence of red and green mana, the two colors most gifted in the art of destruction of artifice. Any weapon, and any prosthetic made of anything less than etherium, was far more fragile than anyone on Esper had ever thought it to be, and Esper itself has taken a largely isolationist policy following the opening days of the war.