Ravnica is one of the most varied and fascinating in all the multiverse. A cityscape covers the entire globe, and ten ancient political bodies, the Guilds of Ravnicas, have bent the world to their will and manage to survive even the most dramatic changes to their world, physical or political. But there is much more to this world beyond the guilds and the city they have crafted.


One of the most notable things about Ravnica is the sheer variety of races that exist here. Humans, elves, goblins, Cyclops, minotaur, giants, the insectoid Kraul, centaurs, ogres, trolls, merfolk, avens, all manner of undead, dryads, angels, demons, dragons, djinn, vedalken, sphinx, viashino, elementals, shapeshifters and any number of other races all make their home here. The animal life is just as varied as the people. Rumor has it that Ravnica’s diversity is the result of Planeswalkers favoring the wilds of ancient Ravnica as a battleground for their duels and their summons would remain behind and settle upon the plane.

The diversity of Ravnica gives it a unique quality; it is favored amongst Planeswalkers. Because so many creatures make their home here, there are very few species that can walk down the street that would manage to attract unwanted attention. This means that no matter what race a walker is, chances are that they can go to Ravnica without being thought a monster. This, combined with the cityscape allows it so that most anything a being could want could be found upon Ravnica.


An organization that existed during the gap between the fall of the Guildpact and the full return of the Guilds to power, the Infinite Consortium was a multiplanar mercantile organization. Founded by the Planeswalker dragon Nicol Bolas, the organization had its hand in most any industry available on each of the planes it operated on, and using the Planeswalkers in its employ, was among a mercifully few number of organizations capable of commerce between Planes.

The way that the organization was set up meant that few people within it knew that it truly was a multiplanar organization and only knew of some of the people in direct command of them. This level of anonymity allowed it to be overtaken by the artificer Tezzeret by killing of the Planebound directors on each plane, and replacing them with those loyal to him. The organization came to an end, when the Planeswalker Jace Beleren, sickened by the immoral actions he committed while in their employ, defected and was tricked into open conflict with Tezzeret by Liliana Vess, who had been tasked by Nicol Bolas with returning the organization to his control. After defeating Tezzeret and leaving him for dead, Jace tried running the organization by himself for a time, having become aware of Liliana’s treachery, but ultimately disbanded it.


The Guilds of Ravnica have spent millennia stepping on the backs of the guildless, in that time there have been people who have come to resent their lot in life more vocally than others. Recently, due to the reestablishment of the Guilds, an anti-guild organization known as the Gateless has emerged. They consider themselves to be voices of those who dare not speak against the Guilds. They act in any number of ways against the guilds, from simple acts of resistance to violent acts of terrorism. For better or worse, they have yet to really make their mark on Ravnica due to a lack of leadership and the Guilds being more worried about the events surrounding the Implicit Maze.


The Wilds Initiative is a group of nature minded Ravnicans from all of the green-aligned Guilds working together for the common goal of reclaiming some of the Ravnican landscape to the wild. They have to work against the politics of their respective guilds. The results of their efforts were dramatic enough that the roots of plant life managed to reach the underground seas underneath the layers of city, reintroducing the bulk of Ravnica’s merfolk population to the surface world. Said merfolk took control of the Simic Combine, and endorsed the actions of the Initiative, making the Simic the old guild whose leadership has done so.


Ravnica is broken into ten districts across its landscape. Each of these districts has different amounts of control from different guilds and thus each one has a different feel to it. The most notable of these districts is the Tenth. It is the largest and arguably ‘safest’ of the districts to live in, as all ten guilds have the greatest concentration of their activity here. This is where the guildpact was signed, at the Forum of Azor.
The Ninth district is largely chunks of city left abandoned by civilization. Because of the decreased activity, the Gruul and Rakdos, less inclined to listen to the laws of the other guilds, have moved in making the Ninth a dangerous frontier territory. The Boros, under the command of Gideon Jura, have recently reclaimed control of the district for the sake of the guildless living there under fear of Guild activity.


A colloquialism used for any of the Ravnican cityscape that now resides ‘undergound’ as new layers of city are built atop old ones. The undercity now functions as a sewer to the overworld and is considerably more lawless than the world above. The Golgari lay claim to most of the territory as it is one that the other guilds have forsaken, though the Dimir have great swaths of the region under their control as well but are more subtle about it.