It’s that time of the year again which means it’s time to find that special Magic player something for the Holiday Season. 2013 has been a very good year to Magic so let’s take a look at what to pick out. This year, we are going to show you some of the standard items while adding in some unique finds online:



This is the most obvious choice and come in many variety. Wizards has once again put out a Holiday Gift Box this year with Theros as the theme. This box contains 4 Theors Booster packs, a promo card, organizers, basic lands, and stickers all packed into a nifty storage box. For the price, this makes a great gift for most players and an easy choice if you don’t know what to get someone.

Price: $20


Foreign Packs:

For something more exotic, you can try foreign booster packs or cards. Magic cards come in various languages with Japanese, Korean, and Russian being the most popular. But for more fun, find some Spanish a French booster packs to switch things up. While not for beginners, foreign packs are perfect for a player who has been in the game for a while and wouldn’t normally buy foreign packs. Foreign cards can be found in local card shops and online.

Price: Packs can range from $4 – $8 depending on language and shop


Event Decks:

If you have a new player looking to get into FNM but they don’t have the resources for a competitive deck, Event decks are a great choice. Each deck comes with a 60 card deck and a 15 card sideboard and are ready to play right out the box. They give a good foundation for a new player and allow them to add and remove whatever cards to make the deck their own. Each set releases an event deck and the most current one if from Theros.

Price: $25 but most can be fround for under $20 online and and various shops.


Commander Decks:

Commander 2013 just came out recently and is a great way to get a player into the Commander format. These decks feature 100 cards and come in different color combinations. Commander continues to rise in popularity and the task of creating a deck for a newer player from scratch can be daunting. Supply is still high for these with the exception of the Grixis deck and can be found at major retailers such as Target and Walmart.

Price: $30





While we are a fan of the KMC Hyper Mats here for competitive play, they only come in one color currently, black (they have “clear” sleeves but that is not a color). For more colors, look at Dragon Shields as high quality sleeves with various options. KMC also makes colors sleeves that are not Hyper Mats. Legions makes tons of thematic sleeves like Grumpy Cat and My Little Pony versions as well for the more casual players.These can be found at card shops and online.

Price: $3 – $10


Deck Boxes:

There are a variety of deck boxes from many companies but I personally recommend the Monster Double Deck Box. This hard plastic box can carry two sleeved decks and east section is removable for variety. The box closes shut with magnets and are pretty durable. They come in colors ranging from blue to pink to black.

Price: $8 – $11 depending on store



Backpacks are a tough category to pick something out for a Magic player. Most people use a typical backpack but others may prefer a messenger type bag. Either way, if you plan to get a backpack for someone, make sure it is durable and can take a beating. The last thing a player wants is for their bag to rip or a zipper to break while walking around at a major event. There are a ton of good packs and the one I personally use is a Dakine Duel Laptop Backpack. This bag has enough compartments for organization and a separate zipper pocket for a laptop or, in my case, my card binder.

Price: Varies (bag picture is around $45 online)


Custom Playmats:

Yes, he is playing Magic on a mat of himself playing Magic. Next Level.

Regular playmats are not longer desired these days as plenty of places online will create a custom playmat with an image of your choice. And by image of choice, it can be anything really as shown in the picture above. Customized playmats are a great gift that gives a unique touch. You can check out places like Inked Playmats or do a Google search.

Price: Varies



If you’re still looking for something different or new for that special Magic player, there are still more options. Check out these items below.


Wizards has upped their merchandising with the release of the Ravnica guild shirts this past year and have continued that trend. The official MTG branded site at MTGMerch carries various shirts for men and women and include unique items like this women’s black lotus shirts above.  Most items are tastefully done, like mana symbol hoodies, and seem to be decent quality.

Price: Starting at $20



Magic art has always been a favorite for some players and the art for the game has only gotten better. There are a ton of great artists and some of the most popular ones, like Terese Nielsen and Steve Argyle, offer prints for sale on their websites. If you know what kind of art the receiver of you gift likes, find out the artist and see if they have a site. If budget is not an issue, or for the serious collector, original artwork makes an even better gift.

Price: Starting at $20 for prints, a few hundred for originals.