Commander 2013 has been out for almost 2 weeks now with a lot of hype and fanfare. Being sold out at most retailers such as Target and Wal-mart, people are chasing the money cards as well as excitement of getting into the format. With a Legacy GP (the only format outside of Commander the cards are legal in) just around the corner, we figured it’s time to see how the top cards have been performing so far.


True-Name Nemisis

We will start off with the most hyped card of the set. True-Name Nemesis is the reason the Grixis deck is the most sought after deck at MSRP. This card has started to appear in a few Legacy decks over the past week as a mini Progenitus, giving the opponent limited ways to interact with it. Currently sitting around $33 on TCG player, this card has a potential to jump up in price if multiple copies are needed in decklists. The fact that this card alone is worth more than the cost of the Grixis deck makes it an easy decision if you can find the deck.


Toxic Deluge

Toxic Deluge is a card that can go either way in value. Currently around $14, this cheap mass removal spell can be found in the Esper deck. It is making small appearances in Legacy and if proves to be popular can jump a bit more in value. The card fits great in most any Commander deck that has black and should have long term value even if it does not see much Legacy play.


Baleful Strix

A reprint from the previous Planechase set, Baleful Strix sits around $7. This card is used in Shardless BUG in Legacy and doesn’t seem like it will be leaving the deck anytime soon. Great value for a card that replaces itself means that this is usually a 4 of. Being a reprint has dropped its previous value more than half. This card can be found in the Grixis deck, once again reaffirming the great value of that deck.


Unexpectedly Absent

Unexpectedly Absent can be found in the Bant deck (which is a great deck to play with) and sits around $13. This card is a great temporary removal spell for any nonland permanent and should make a splash in Legacy. If not, then it should a bit more. This card should keep some value due to the fact that, like Toxic Deluge, is great in most any deck in Commander. This card has a lot of great potential though, and I expect it to jump up a bit more.


Oloro, Ageless Ascetic

Next we have perhaps the most annoying of the new Commanders, Oloro, Ageless Ascetic. Oloro is in the Esper deck and sits at $6. With zero value and potential use outside of Commander, this card will be popular with players who like to durdle and never need to play their Commander. Gaining 2 life is a nice buffer, but remember, it only takes 21 Commander damage to lose the game.


Sol Ring

Although not really a price winner, this card is still a hit and was trending up towards $10 before the reprint in Commander 2013. It’s down to $5 now but this is a card that will always be in demand for Commander players. The mass amount of them available right now means if you’re trying to get value out of this card, you’ll have to wait.


Everything else is lingering around the sub $5 mark at the moment but keep an eye out on all the new cards. Scavenging Ooze became the breakout hit a long time after the release of the original Commander set so there are potential for that to happen again. I think Derevi, Empyrial Tactician may have potential. At only 3 mana, this card can be abused with untap effects that can lead to mana ramp or lock downs against opponents. Or I could be wrong and it could never see use outside Commander. Either way, keep an eye out for unique cards that could find a home. We will keep an eye out on anything else that may spike in the coming weeks.