Hello fellow Roxie Card readers! Glad to say I’m back in action with more Magic the Gathering and alcohol! First and foremost, thanks to everyone for the loving endorsement of my first article “Magic the Drinking Game!” it truly meant a lot to me and for those who haven’t had the chance to read it please check it out you won’t be disappointed. Now that I’m back you must be wondering what should write about now? I can always write about another Magic drinking game variant! But I feel like we already accomplish that so there must be something new that has to be done with the combination of Magic and alcohol right? Oh I know!!! Have you ever approached a bartender and ask him for a Jace on the Rocks or for a Frozen Liliana? If your guess is as good as mine then the answer is no, but how would you feel if I told you I can be that bartender, who can provide you those drinks? That is right folks! My very own special Magic the Gathering themed drinks! Let the imagination flow through your heads right now and think about how cool you would be at the bar and someone attractive walks up to you and says “Hey what are you drinking?,” then you say, “Oh! Well I’m drinking the new Garruk Green Bull! Here I’ll order you one.”

Ok so maybe that scenario is not likely to happen, but how about if you’re hosting a party and serving these wild themed drinks? Now you can have your imagination focus on that. I have been working on my Magic themed drinks for a while now and been doing some test runs at local parties with great success and criticism. The list of drinks you can make with all of the Magic cards is endless and I’m left with recipes galore. Since I’m such a nice guy I am willing to share with you all my recipes so you can officially have one of those awesome Magic themed parties. What I have planned for my future articles (including this one) on Roxie Cards is to write about Magic themed drinks in special cycles to highlight all of the famous cards in Magic. So for my very first cycle of cards I would like to present to you guys are the Core Magic the Gathering Planeswalkers. So without further ado here are the Planeswalker Cocktails!


Chandra Temple

2 oz. of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey

Can of Cherry Cola

Splash of Roses’ Grenadine


1)      Take a highball glass and fill it to the brim with ice.

2)      Add a dash of Rose’s Grenadine.

3)      Pour 2 oz. of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey.

4)      Top of with your Cherry Soda and stir.

A Chandra Temple is basically what it sounds like; it’s a Shirley Temple, but I added my special twist to it. This drink is hands down one of my favorite drinks only because it has my two favorite ingredients, Cherry Soda and Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey.  Before I go on let me explain to you why I’m choosing the ingredients I’m chose for my Planeswalkers cocktails. Not only do I want the color to match the color coordination of the mana for the Planeswalkers, but I also want its flavor to resemble them. Fireball Whiskey is what defines this drink because of the slight burning sensation you get in your throat after you take a sip of this drink. Now don’t you worry I’m not saying that your throat is going to burn in fiery pain, that would just be cruel of me. If you never experienced Fireball Whiskey it tastes exactly like any cinnamon flavored candy or gum. The burning heat feeling you will experience is very slight and minimal that is enjoyable. This drink makes you feel like you drank a little fire thanks to the slight burning sensation, which is something you should be expecting from a red Planeswalker. The Chandra Temple is a sweet drink just like how I image Chandra would be, but with the after burn sensation you can also taste Chandra’s fury. Just like how Chandra, Pyromaster is finally giving her the justice she deserves this drink does exactly that.


Garruk Green Bull

.5 oz. Vodka

.5 oz. Gin

.5 oz. Tequila

.5 oz. Triple Sec

1 oz. Midori

Half a can of Red Bull


1)      Take a highball glass and with it to the brim with ice.

2)      Pour 0.5 oz. of Vodka, Gin, Triple Sex, and Tequila.

3)      Pour 1 oz. of Midori.

4)      Fill the Highball glass with Red Bull and stir.


This drink gave me a few problems because I came up with multiple versions of this drink and they all came out to be overly fruity, and I know we can all agree on Garruk should not taste like a green apple jolly rancher. I was struggling to find a way to give Garruk a drink that was both green in color and had a punch to it because the majority of the green liquors are sweet and fruity. Then I thought about using Absinthe. If you have ever heard of Absinthe then you will understand why I did not choose to go that route. I want you all to be able to drink multiple of these cocktails and enjoy them without knocking you guys out for the rest of the night. I was about to originally post this recipe with Lemon Lime soda instead of Red Bull, but the Lemon Lime soda kept on adding to the sweetness to this drink leaving Garruk to still taste fruity. Then Red Bull came into mind because I knew it would add a nice tangy flavor and since it’s an energy drink it can really help get your blood flowing. That was the missing piece to this drink. This drink will pump you up at any party becoming the party animal you always wanted to be. The Garruk Green Bull: the drink that doesn’t just give you wings, but also the ability to trample!


Russian Gideon

1.5 oz. Vodka

1.5 oz. Kahlua

Milk to top off


1)      Take an old fashioned glass and fill it with ice.

2)      Pour 1.5 oz. of Vodka and Kahlua.

3)      Fill glass with milk and stir.


The concept of this drink was extremely difficult because I couldn’t decide on who was more iconic to be the core white Planeswalker; Ajani, Elspeth, or Gideon. Not only that, but all three of the Planeswalkers had extremely different drink profiles so any one of them would of fit perfectly in my Core Cycle. I was leaning towards Elspeth since now she is printed in Theros until one of my friends mentioned to me about having a White Russian on my list. As soon as I heard White Russian I instantly thought about Gideon.  Just like how I imagine Gideon would be smooth guy this drink is extremely smooth and is always a favorite at parties and bars. Not much to say here about the drink since it’s a classic, but I will say this before I continue onto the next drinks, even though I did not chose Ajani or Elspeth does not mean I won’t be posting their recipes. They will eventually be placed in my future cycles that I have planned to be posted in the future, so for you Ajani and Elspeth fans out there please don’t worry. So for an old fashioned kind of Planeswalker Gideon we represent him with an old fashioned kind of drink. Time to head towards the Russian Gideon when he uses his plus 2 ability.


Liliana and Coke

2 oz. Captain Morgan’s Black Spiced Rum

1 oz. Amaretto

1 can of coke


1)      Take a highball glass and fill it to the brim with ice.

2)      Pour 2 oz. of Captain Morgan’s Black Spiced Rum

3)      Pour 1 oz. of Amaretto.

4)      Fill the remaining glass with coke.


Before I go into this drink let me just say I know the picture of the Chandra Temple and Liliana and Coke look exactly the same. That is because they both use a coke base, but their flavors alone is what separates them. The Liliana and Coke cocktail proved to be one of the most interesting drinks to create because I had so many different routes to take with her flavors. I was stuck on whether I should go with a coffee or a chocolate base flavor and was leaning towards going coffee until one of my friends bought me Captain Morgan’s Black Spiced Rum and I knew instantly that was the flavored I wanted. It has a strong depth of flavors that gives it a pseudo nutting chocolate flavor, and with the combination of Amaretto I knew I had a perfect match. The missing piece to the drink was just the addition of coke that adds a sweet caramel flavor to it, and even though the color did not get as dark as I wanted it to be, the flavor is what matters most. It’s a very dark flavored cocktail and has a complexity to it which I can safely say fits the personality of Liliana. The Liliana and Coke lets you taste the dark powers she possesses and leaves you wanting more.


Jace’s Mojito

2 oz. of White Rum

1 oz. Blue Curacao

6 mint leaves

2 oz. of Lime Juice

Lemon Lime Soda to top off


1)      Fill a highball glass to the brim with ice.

2)      Add the mint leaves and 2 oz. of lime juice in a bowl and crush the leaves

3)      Pour the mint leaf mixture into glass.

4)      Pour 2 oz. of white rum

5)      Pour 1 oz. of Blue Curacao

6)      Top off with lemon lime soda and stir.


As you can tell I saved the most iconic Planeswalker known to Magic for last! Mr. Jace himself. Just like how he dominates Magic this cocktail does exactly the same thing. Unlike the bully, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, this Jace is that cool guy you just want to relax and chill with. Chill is the big keyword for this drink because this drink leaves you with a nice cool sensation thanks to the mint leaves. It’s the soul reason why I choose a mojito variant since mojitos are the kings of refreshing drinks in my mind. With the addition of blue curacao we get the sexy blue color we need to top off to get that iconic blue Jace color. As soon as your guests see this drink they will instantly know, who this drink was made after. Just like how Jace is Mr. Popular in the Magic tournaments, the Jace’s Mojito will be the Mr. Popular at your party as well.

Well there you guys have it! My Planeswalkers Cocktails! I really hope that you guys have enjoyed this article and thank you so much for reading this. I do hope that you guys try to make these cocktails at your local parties because themed parties are always the best kind of parties. You guys can even use these drinks with Magic the Drinking Game. Before I say my goodbyes just to give you guys a little insight of what is coming with my cycles. I have plans for a Shards of Alara cycle, Power 9 cycle, Iconic one mana drop cycle, more Planeswalkers cycles, and many more cycles that I won’t spoil. So please let me know how these drinks turned out for you guys and leave me some ideas of certain cards you would like to be turned into a drink!  Until then Roxie Card readers take care and cheers!