Please note, for those who don’t want to drink then no worries you do not have to use alcohol. Instead using energy drinks or disgusting mystery punches is fine too.

Hello fellow readers! My name is Maj Bassery, and like you I sure do love me some Magic the Gathering. I have been a member of Roxie Cards for a while now, but with school and work I haven’t had much time to write an article. Well now I have such time and I wanted to write something memorable for me and especially for you guys so I put some added pressure on myself to make sure I could write my best first article for Roxie Cards. I have a strong passion for Magic the Gathering and love everything about it, but there is one more thing I love to play and that’s drinking games! So what am I supposed to do with my two loves? How about combining them into one freaking awesome party game? Yeah!

I bring to you Magic the Gathering: The Drinking Game! I have been working on this game for a while now and I think it’s safe to say I have found the best way for us to play this game. To play this game at its best you would need to do it as an 8-man tournament because any tournament bigger than that can be dangerous for some people. The tournament is played in swiss not in single elimination, however if you are playing with people who are the party’s Designated Driver, or playing with heavy drinkers then it’s fine to use single elimination. The format of the tournament it is whatever everyone agrees to play so you can play Modern, Legacy, Standard, Block, or whatever. I also highly encourage players to make fun decks that will abuse your opponents. As for Magic the Gathering rules they are exactly the same as the current rules used for any other Magic the Gathering Tournament. You play a best out of 3 games per round and of course both players start out with 20 life points. The main difference, of course, is alcohol that is involved.

There is also another win condition in Magic the Gathering: The Drinking Game; at any point if your opponent refuses to take a drink due to an action, or throws up during the game, he or she automatically concedes the match. Please players, if you feel the need of throwing up, concede right away and don’t press your luck because if you want to keep your friends then don’t play with expensive cards and get everything dirty.

Before discussing how you will be consuming your drinks let’s first discuss about the materials needed for such a game.

Materials Needed:

Your deck: The most important item you’ll need to even play this game is your deck.

Beer: I recommend getting any light cheap beer for this game, because a large amount of beer will be consumed and bought to play this game.

Tequila: Tequila shots are used in events of instant kill or someone conceding to the game match and not the drink. For instance if you missed every land dropped and your opponent surely has won the game you can take a shot of tequila instead of taking beer shots.

Shot glasses:  You will need at least one shot glasses for each player. A shot glass is the best way to represent points of damage.

A clear plastic cup: You will need at least one clear plastic cup for each player. During the event of chugging, due to milling, you must pour your beer in such cup so it is visible to your opponent that you are chugging all of the beer.



Now let’s discuss the rules of drinking, since this is of course a drinking game. A shot of Beer represents 2 points of damage meaning if you end up taking 10 shots of Beer you have taken 20 points of damage in the game. For every 1 point of damage you take you fill your shot glass halfway, since a full shot represents 2 points. If a source deals you 4 damage, then you take 2 shots of Beer. If an opponent swings with 3 creatures and they deal you 11 damage, then you take 5 1/2 shots of beer. Also shocklands will cause you to take a shot of beer. If you lose a game due to a combo dealing with infinite damage (Kiki-Jiki, Tendrils of Agony, etc.) then you must chug a whole can of beer before continuing onto the next game.

Next, we move onto the need of tequila shots. Well in the event of playing against a deck that relies on an instant win such as; Door to Nothingness, Battle of Wits, Maze’s End, Hive Mind with pact, then we need a way to represent a punishment for the opponent since they won’t be taking any damage. In the event of losing in such way, you must simply take a shot of tequila.

What about decks that involve milling? Well for this method of defeat we will seek the punishment of chugging. For every one card you mill during one separate effect you will take half the number of cards milled, rounded up, and that will be the amount of seconds you’ll be chugging your beer. For example, Nephalia Drownyard mills 3 cards so that’s 1.5 seconds, but round up and we have 2 seconds of chugging. A Jace, Memory Adept mill of 10 cards means you are facing a 5 second chug. Now in the event of you milling yourself such as playing thought scour then you will also chug. If your opponent causes you to mill infinitely due to a combo, you take a full can of beer and chug it all before continuing onto the next game.

What about playing with poison counters? This one is very simple. Unlike 20 damage needed to defeat an opponent, all you need is 10 poison counters to defeat your opponent. Well for each poison counter you receive you must drink a shot of beer. So if you take 3 infect damage then you are taking 2 1/2 shots of beer. However, if an opponent is able to deal 10+ infect damage before you suffering any previous infect damage then you take a shot of tequila.

Life gain. At first gaining life was a problem with this game, but I have found a fair solution for life gain. No matter what you have 10 shots of beer to represent your life, whenever a spell gains you life for every 1 life point you gain it acts as a shield. For example if you start at 20 life and played a Centaur Healer then you gained 3 life putting you at 23 so now  you don’t have to start drinking until your life starts falling below 20. Continuing with the same example if you take 2 damage and fall to 21 then you are fine not to drink, but if you take 5 damage and fall to 18 then you need take a shot of beer because you fell 2 points below 20. Let’s also say you are at 7 life and you then played a Thragtusk gaining you 5 life. Make sure you mark down and acknowledge that your previous health was at 7 because that’s the last point of damage you have taken before gaining life. Now you are at 12 life thanks to Thragtusk, and once your opponent deals you damage knocking you down below your previous 7 then you start drinking again. Also if you played another Thragtusk after the first one boosting you up to 17 life then again you still don’t start drinking until you reach below 7 life.

Storm players I wanted to add another challenge to your play style just because we want to drink and play magic and not drink and watch you play magic. Every time your storm count reaches a multiple of 5 you must take a shot of beer. It helps out your opponent knowing he or she has a chance to escape from the storm.

Players who want to play dredge please just go back and see the rules on milling because you will be chugging before you defeat your opponent. I recommend to anyone who wants to play dredge that you are planning not to drive and can handle your alcohol because you have been warned. The same thing applies for anyone playing Oops! All Spells! You will chug one beer as your opponent will take 1 shot of tequila so again you have been warned.

Some of you are wondering about how much alcohol is involved in this game so I have some numbers for you.

8-man Swiss Tournament

12 oz. can of beer 10 shots per can 20 life points per can
4 cans of beer per match 24 matches 96 cans of beer
30 cans per case Approx. $20 per case $9 per player fee


I know some of you guys are going to say why buy 90 cans of beer if we need 96 cans for the tournament well it’s safe to say some players will not be able to finish the whole tournament nor will be having to drink beer if they avoid damage or took tequila shots all tournament long.


8-man Single Elimination Tournament

12 oz. can of beer 10 shots per can 20 life points per can
4 cans of beer per match 14 matches 56 cans of beer
30 cans per case Approx. $20 per case $5 per player fee


The single elimination tournament you can switch it up anyway you want too. If you want harder drinks you can most certainly add harder drinks, but it’s mostly a cheaper way for everyone to play the game and safer for most players.

Well there you guys have it; your Magic: the Gathering: The Drinking Game! Is sure to be a hit for any magic players who want to throw a party and do the things that they enjoy to do. So if you are ever planning on having a party and people want to pay in for the alcohol then this is the best way to get your money’s worth. Remember guys please do not drink unless you are 21 and over, do not drink if on medications or pregnant, and please watch the amount of alcohol you take because again I care very much of your safety and I made this game to be a fun party game for us all to enjoy. I hope you guys have enjoyed this article as much as I did and please let me know how you guys feel about playing this drinking game and have any questions or added rules for it. Thanks so much!