Time to continue our series on the Top 5; this week we look at the Top 5 Most Expensive Artifacts in Magic. Unlike the other lists, this time time we are including cards from Unlimited and their pricing. Why? Because it wouldn’t be right to talk about artifacts without some of the most famous ones. So let’s take a look.

Note: Prices are quoted from Star City Games and may be different on other sites. Also, as usual, promos are not included in this list.


5.Chaos Orb, Illusionary Mask – $80

The 5 spot is actually shared with 2 cards in the $80 range. Chaos Orb, a wacky card from the early days of Magic, involves you flipping the card in the air as part of the ability. Wizards, realizing that this ability added too much randomness to the game, has banned the card in all competitive formats. Yet the card is still highly valued by collectors. Illusionary Mask, another card with a lot of text, sees fringe use in Legacy, allowing you to play cards like Phyrexian Dreadnaught without the downside.

4. Lion’s Eye Diamond, Gauntlet of Might, Forcefield – $100

The 4th spot shares 3 slots at $100 each with one card most people will recognize, while the other two have collectors value. Lion’s Eye Diamond has trended up in value greatly in the past year and will probably out perform Gauntlet of Might and Forcefield soon. The card is a Legacy staple in decks like Storm and Dredge. Gauntlet of Might and Forcefield are fine cards from Unlimited but do not see any real play.

3. Time Vault – $300

Time Vault comes in at 3rd with a price tag of $300. A vintage card that gives you an extra turn, one can easily see why the card is so powerful. Combined with Voltaic Key, Time Vault gets around the downside and allows you to take as many extra turns as you want.

2. Candelabra of Tawnos – $350

Candelabra of Tawnos takes the #2 spot at $350. A legacy card used in decks like High Tide, this Antiquities card lets you untap you lands for X. If your lands are producing more than one mana, this helps a player accumulate mana pretty quickly. Since it is allowed in Legacy, multiple copies can appear in decks making demand for this card a bit higher than a Time Vault or any cards in the number one spot.

1. Power 9 Artifacts – $600 – $1500

We finally get to the number one spot, the Artifacts of the Power 9. If we listed them individually, they would have taken up the whole list (and that’s no fun), so we grouped them together. The number one card is Black Lotus, coming in at $1500, followed by Mox Sapphire at $800 and Mox Jet at $700. Mox Pearl, Emerald, and Ruby finish up the section at $600 each. The power level of Black lotus and its rarity keep it’s price high. All six cards are also Vintage staples meaning that demand is not just from collectors.


That is it for the Top 5 Most Expensive Artifacts in Magic. The power level was different in the early days of the game, while cards like Time Vault and Mox Sapphire weren’t seen as the power cards (it was a creature focused meta in those days), they are now the most sought after cards in the game.