Dragon’s Maze official release is just over a week away and the many online sites have already set up their preorder prices. While traditionally buying cards from a new set before it is released is not the best idea (unless a sleeper card is recognized), it is good to see what cards are currently showing value as the hottest cards in the set. Let’s take a look at the top cards of Dragon’s Maze, financially speaking.

Note: Prices are based on Star City Pricing. Also, Dragon’s Maze is a smaller set so there are less value cards than Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash.


Ral Zarek

Starting with the only planeswalker in the set, Ral Zarek is currently priced at $35. This continues the trend of having planeswalkers start in the $30+ range. Ral Zarek that can protect itself and have potential for abuse but, like Giddeon and Vraska before him, should fall in price. Currently there no reason to perorder this card unless you do see it being played in a top deck after release.


Voice of Resurgence

After Ral, the preorder prices drop to $20 for Voice of Resurgence. The Emmara that never was has a low cost and great ability and has been hyped ever since spoiled. $20 seems like a fair price and this card could get better post Innistrad rotation once the two drop spots become less competitive. Will the card retain the $20 value? It’s hard to say. Seeing at most mythics fell in price after set releases, Voice will probably follow that trend. I would say unless you really want to get your copies now and not have to worry about trading for them later, then hold off on preordering.



Legion’s Initiative

Another hyped Mythic, Legion’s Initiative got everyone excited on it’s possibility to pump your creatures and avoid removal. Currently at $12, this card was actually at the preorder price of $13 for a short period before dropping. This is not a good sign as Star City doesn’t usually drop preorder prices of their cards. Good abilities but not worth the price at the moment. This card should drop in price in the coming weeks.


Blood Baron of Vizkopa

The Blood Baron also sits at $12 in preorder price and I am not really sure why. It’s full of flavor and it’s second ability seems to be great for casual players but I don’t see it’s viability in Standard. This card reminds me of it’s vampire brother from Gatecrash, Duskmantle Seer, which saw a $20 preorder price before sitting currently at $6. For 5 mana, Ozbedat is still better but maybe I’m wrong. Pro Black and White does protect its from a lot of removal including Azorius Charm and Angel of Serenity so maybe people are on to something (Mizzium Mortars and Rapid Hybridization still hit it though). Even at $12 is not a big commitment if looking for a playset. I would say preorder if desired but there is no rush.


Blood Scrivener

The most expensive rare at preorder is Blood Scrivener, which is at $8. Starting at $5 for preorder, this card jumped to $8. Relevant abilities and creature type make this card a good choice in any deck that needs to draw more cards. While not quite the Boros Reckoner of the set, this card has great potential and will find a home in many decks. $8 is reasonable and a playset could probably be found for under $20. I would recommend this as a pick up if not wanting to wait.


That is it for a sample of the current hot cards of Dragon’s Maze. As always prices will shift after the release of the set. Expect these prices to be the guidelines for buying and trading during that one week period between the prerelease and the release as most sites will not update pricing until after release. This means if you think Master of Cruelties will drop from a $10 card to a $5 card in the coming weeks, get rid of your copies while they have value.