This week’s planeswalker profile is about Tibalt, the fiend-blooded.

 A native son of Innistrad, Tibalt is a cold, cruel man. Prone towards sadism, bonded with devils, and adept at the magical study of pain; Tibalt has become a planeswalking serial killer, traveling from world to world to practice his heinous art on any unfortunate enough to cross his path.

As a young man, Tibalt sought to become the apprentice of a skabaren, a discipline of necromancy practiced on Innistrad. A skabaren stitches dead matter together into unusual forms and reanimates it with alchemy. Unfortunately, Tibalt lacked the discipline for this exacting science, and the patience to learn the discipline. His constant failures shaped him into a bitter, hateful man seeking to lash out at the world around him. He decided to turn his attentions from the dead to the living.

He started out simple, capturing vermin and performing deranged ‘experiments’ upon them to learn of the nature of pain. But it was not enough. He graduated towards ever larger animals, and when even they were not enough, people. He was careful at first, only abducting vagrants, people that no one would miss. He relished the experience, and his dark arts began to attract attention. Devils, wicked mana constructs that existed only to inflict misery and woe upon the populace of Innistrad, were drawn to Tibalt’s sadistic inclinations.

They gathered at his laboratory at night, and enjoyed his enthusiasm. They began to teach him their magic and with this magic, Tibalt was able to go deeper into his studies. His experiments were more precise, his methods more powerful. He grew sloppy. He couldn’t help himself and people began to notice that folks were going missing. Because of this, Tibalt’s unusual behavior had become a topic of gossip to the townsfolk.

One night, Tibalt found himself host to unexpected company. His laboratory was raided by cathars, holy warriors employed by the Church of Avacyn to fight off the forces of darkness. He was trapped, surrounded by the results of his studies, torture devices and a pack of his devilish cohorts. At best he would go to prison for life, at worst he would be publicly executed for heresy. Backed into a corner, he unleashed what he believed to be the most potent spell in his repertoire; a mix of the devils’ teachings and his personal discoveries.

The spell saved him from his captors, but not in a way he thought. It bound the devil’s essence to his own, with the cost of inflicting upon him all of the combined pain he had ever inflicted on others. The tremendous scale of this searing pain triggered his latent Planeswalker spark and flung him across the multiverse away from his captors. He was now free to practice his art wherever he pleased, more powerful to do so, and had the ability to never get caught.

He spends his time wandering from plane to plane, practicing his cruel art. He enjoys finding new people to torture in new ways, but at the end of the day, the people of his native Innistrad remain his favorite subjects. In his most recent sabbatical back home, he has attracted the unwanted attention of Sorin Markov. Sorin seeks to protect the human population of Innistrad as they are the food source for his vampire race, and thus has deemed Tibalt a threat to that end.