Gatecrash has been out for over a month now and prices have finally started to settle on singles for the set. While some cards came in as price leaders, others dropped after false speculation. Lets take a look at current price changes from the other guilds of Ravnica. Note: All prices are based on Star City pricing.


Boros Reckoner – It should be no surprise that we start with the breakout hit of Gatecrash. Boros Reckoner is the hottest card in the set. The card rose to popularity after Star City Atlanta and the following Pro Tour due to it’s versatility. With the starting price of around $5, the card jumped to $10 before set release and tripled in value with a high of $30 in the next few weeks. While the card has gone down to $25, it seems like it should stay in that range for a little while longer. It’s a 4 of in any deck that it is in so the demand is still there.
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Shock Lands – The shock lands of Gatecrash have taken a mostly predictable route with the exception of Stomping Ground Sacred Foundry. While the other lands are at $15 and under, both Stomping Ground and Sacred Foundry jumped in value as players were quick to add them to their land base, largely due to Naya, GR, and Boros builds. Stomping Ground is retaining it’s value at $20 for the moment. All the Gatecrash lands are expected to drop in the coming month so the will settle around the $10 mark. They should stay at those prices for a while (until long after rotation, in which they should trend upwards due to Modern value).

Gideon, Champion of Justice – Gideon is on track to becoming the next Tibalt gradually dropping in value as the weeks go by. For some reason Star City thought it was worthy of $30 for release and, it’s absence in both competitive and casual decks, have caused it to fall hard. Currently sitting at $8, Gideon may see a new life post Innistrad rotation, but currently has no real use in the game.



Prime Speaker Zegana – Zegana had taken a little dip and was at $7 for a brief period while people were trying to make her work in decks. That day finally came with the emergence of a few Bant lists with her in it and now she is back to her prerelease price of $15. It’s hard to tell if she will stay at this price for long but she is the only guild leader that has gone up recently. Lazav, Ozbedat, Aurelia, and Borborygmos have all fallen in price since release (Aurelia did have a brief spike but that has since settled).


Boros Charm – This uncommon has held strong since release, topping out at $4 for the longest time. Starting off at $1, this seems to be the rarest of charms and was in high demand for some time. It has now seen a recent drop to $3.50 and should trend down from there. Although it’s worth noting that the foil version of Boros Charm has hit $15.


Those are the current highlights from Gatecrash, which hasn’t held value as well as Return to Ravnica. At the moment, there aren’t too many chaser cards from the set, with the Shocklands and Boros Reckoner being in the most demand. We shall see how the coming weeks progress as the tournament season continues.


As a bonus, lets take a look at a few high value common and uncommon foils in Standard:


Burning-Tree Emissary – $8

Auger of Bolas – $6

Flinthoof Boar – $5

Arbor Elf – $3.50