The holidays are here and what better gifts to get your Magic playing friends than more Magic items. There are a lot of good options so we decided to break down our recommendations for great gifts this holiday season.


The Standard Choices:

Booster Packs – No matter who, all Magic players love booster packs. Packs in Standard are a safe bet, starting with the most recent set, Return to Ravnica. For a more thoughtful idea, old booster packs are fun and who wouldn’t want to crack open some Zendikar or Lorowyn packs? While these are the easiest choices, they are gifts that will be appreciated from anyone.

For a different approach, Wizards has introduced their holiday gift box for this season. The box comes with 4 Return to Ravnica booster packs, 5 plastic dividers, a Promo Dreg Mangler, stickers, and the box doubles as a storage bin for 2,000 cards. These are a nice choice for a player who either has just gotten into the game, or one that could use more storage space. The box is pretty sturdy and has great artwork.


For more specialized gifts, there are other options depending on the person who is receiving the gift.


For the art lover:

Artist prints are some of the best choices for Magic art lovers. While not all artists have websites that offer prints or original works, you can find good pieces from land artists like Rob Alexander, John Avon, and Mark Tedin. Finding out the receiver’s favorite card and you could find out if the artist does prints. Planeswalker artists like Steve Argyle are also popular. If money is no object, you could also try securing an original piece of Magic art, but prices start in the few hundred and can get to the thousand mark easily.


For the fashionable player:

Wizards has their own Magic themed items like shirts (the Return to Ravnica Guild tees being the best choices), but for something more unique take a look at dice jewelry, such as D20 earrings.


For the person who plays every night:

If you know of someone always playing and always making new decks, then your best bet for them are sleeves. After booster packs, sleeves are the safest thing you can buy a Magic player. This rings true especially for the people who play all the time. Deciding on sleeves is not an easy task. While there are plenty sleeves from Bacon to Zombies for the casual player, your best choices for quality sleeves (based on experience) are KMC or Dragon Shields.


For the person who has everything:

For something a little different, try a resin statue. I’m not sure the whole story behind the figures, but there was a series of statues from the Kamigawa block, along with various other pieces such as Shivan Dragon or Spirit Link. There are also the over-sized foil Helvault promo cards. These limited pieces were released along with normal Helvault Promos in a limited release. While controversial, they are rare and, besides being useless in any other form, are collectible.

For the Cube/Commander player :

For the past few years Wizards has given out special Holiday cards, most that would be a great addition to anyone’s cube or Commander deck. Most likely, the gift receiver does not have any of these cards and they haven’t thought about adding them to their collection. My personal favorite is Snow Mercy.


For your nemesis:

If you are in the mood for being evil, the best thing to get your nemesis/enemy are Homelands or Fallen Empires booster packs. No card is worth over $4 between the two sets, and the booster packs only contain 8 cards! For best results, get the packs in a foreign language to cause more anger.


That should cover most of your bases on this holiday season and give you time to order your gifts and spread the holiday cheer!