Get ready to kick Arsenal.


Today, Daily MTG has announced some new updates to the Commander’s Arsenal. We hope you didn’t forget about this set announced back in August. The set is scheduled for release on November 2nd and we were initially only spoiled a couple of cards. Today’s update has given us a few more details with an exciting spoiled card, Loyal Retainers.


Loyal Retainers is a Portal Three Kingdoms Uncommon that has jumped in value over the past few years. As you can see below, this card went from $30 to $150 (based on Star City price). The main reason is the use of the Retainers to bring Emrakul back from the graveyard with his shuffle trigger on the stack. You can cheat Emrakul into play before the trigger resolves, thus Emrakul will be in play and Loyal Retainers gets shuffled into your library along with the rest of your graveyard. The rarity of the Three Kingdoms set has created the high demand for this card. Therefore, the reprinting of this card is excellent news for anyone looking to create a deck with the Retainers. Of course, this is Commander’s Arsenal and it can be used there too.

When first spoiled, people were a bit wary of the $75 price tag for Commander’s Arsenal. We now see, that with this one card alone, the price is well worth it. Even if the value of the Retainers fall by half, you are still doing great for this collection. The $75 price tag does discourage casual players from buying this set. Casual players are the biggest target for the Commander format, so it may seems counterproductive for Wizards to create such a high price. Either way, this is a great investment for those who are willing to purchase.

Oh yeah, and of course there were other cards spoiled in the update. Nothing too groundbreaking but here are the images of the new stuff.




So that’s what we are looking at so far. The Daily Magic post has also announced more spoilers on 10/24 at Midnight (which either means tonight or tomorrow night) so we will keep you posted on the next exciting batch of cards!