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Hello everyone, here is some breaking news we heard from the Pro Tour Return to Ravnica. Tarmogoyf returns!
Below are the details we know so far. More information will be announced by Wizards on Monday.

Aaron Forsythe just joined the Pro Tour Webcast to announce “Modern Masters” a product targeted at Modern players.

A short run booster pack set of cards from 8th Edition to Alara Reborn. 229 card set. 53 rares, 15 mythics, draftable.

$6.99 MSRP per pack

24 packs per box.

No basic lands. A foil will replace the basic land.

Release June 7th, 2013.

Available in English only.

Contains no cards currently on the Modern ban list.

1 Modern Masters Grand Prix.

Lead Developer was Erik Lauer.

20 to 30 cards with new art. Tokens appearing in paper for the first time.

First Preview Card:

Tarmogoyf at Mythic with new art and modern card frame.


Update: Here is the video segment from the Pro Tour that announces the format: